This realistic fake brewery hasn’t sold a single beer

This realistic fake brewery hasn’t sold a single beer
This realistic fake brewery hasn’t sold a single beer
But the marketing and advertising that Kurt has behind him. It’S not hard to mistake him for a real Brewery, I’m just a Homebrew with a Twitter account. I’Ve never sold any. My dear I started brewing in the little shed in my yard how to brown a stick of my bottles when I give them my friends Watershed kind of came out of that cuz. It was a shed with a water tank in it and at some point I made a connection to that. I was just real people and real business people making these Brewery. It’S really the Alberta beer industry. That is aware of who I am, and it’s guys that I’ve never met the go. She put out some pretty. She was a big Alberta craft beer fan has listed, I mean I think it was 80 or 90 Brewers of the time and tagged all these breweries and right in the middle of it Watershed. It was very entertaining that now I’m the Alberta government-approved State Brewery has been unbelievable, but they just been so good to me and then threw that, like the craft, your community has just been embraced by that place, which is exciting to me. That’S, why can you go to any Brewery conference, festivals events you’re bound to see a watershed? Shirt out in the crowd he’s got more marketing behind them than a lot of real breweries dude. I think a little bit of it is just that small Bring Da police at the small guy can make it in this industry. We have a lot of people to come through in order to appoint the Watershed and right now it’s just a pint. We need to be able to serve Watershed and a pint of water is where it’s at it’s funny. I got to a few of us full system in setting to adopt a golden 2035 or just pushing them, and it’s stuck in a big way, and now this is happening you can solve any come over. If I can have a discussion over if I need to fix anything over a pint – and I mean yeah – that’s kind of the way that I control through this whole thing.
Alberta’s Watershed Brewing Co. has never sold a beer, but the branding is so good that people are often convinced the brewery is real. Cilantro and Chive restaurant staff are hoping the ruse will become a reality. They’re advertising a Watershed tap takeover for 2035, though they’re aiming for sooner.
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