This year’s puppy bowl contenders are cuter than ever

This year’s puppy bowl contenders are cuter than ever
What stops Puppy Bowl begin like 60 in dog years, people ask about the rules of people all the time. They’Re very simple, are blue book is literally one page. It’S just take a chew toy and bring it into an end zone. Doesn’T matter which end zone doesn’t matter where they go, They’re puppies, their untrained there between 3 and 6 months of age there do whatever they want. So as long as that chew toy goes into an enzyme, that’s a touchdown. We also count field goal. So if a dog eat happens to kick a ball or two toys, that does count for the 3.0 jumps into action. Who is the master of the RPO? The role play on she’s, pretending to roll around and play, but she’s setting a trap for her opponent. Detection from rough is accidents falls on the field. We call him Tinkles on the 20 number one at the one charted longest cons of different ways to say what you all know, what I’m saying is puppies doing their business and the penalties are pretty simple. It’S usually just a cuddle with me. I blow call all the time, so I’m a little sympathetic to rest is all it takes. Is one of these guys to look up at me with your puppy eyes and I’m going to ignore whatever I saw, how many different angles she’s one of a kind I’m holding whiskey and Ronan are their siblings, as you can tell they’re from the same litter rescued In Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico has a pretty intense stray dog problem. 500,000 stray dogs are there and the problem is continuing to get worse. These dogs are our little Puerto Rican. Ambassadors and they’re excited to be rapping for Puppy Bowl, dieruff Hemet season opportunity.
Puppy bowl is greater than the Super Bowl

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