Thousand Oaks shooting: What do we know about the gunman?

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Thousand Oaks shooting: What do we know about the gunman?
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Thousand Oaks shooting: What do we know about the gunman?
Add we are learning more about the man please say was responsible for shooting and killing 12 people, including a police officer at a bar in Southern California. Last night, you’re sitting outside of the home of 28 year old, is David long. A military veteran who served in the Marine Corps for more than 4 years long was found dead inside that bar along with his victims. Let’S bringing Chris and Carlo reporter for KFI News joining us today from Thousand Oaks. California, what about the shooter learn a little bit more about his background, specifically the fact that he was worse in the United States Marine Corps and he has been out of the Marine Corps since 2013. He was, he was married off the 2013. He had served also or gone to school locally here at Cal State Northridge, and what were learning also is his more recent history. Physically back in April, there had been a check up on him. There had been a welfare check or a domestic disturbance check and sheriff’s deputies when they arrived on scene found him to be a little bit. I rate a little bit of rational and so what they did was they called in mental health professionals to evaluate him that evaluation did not mandate. A mental health hold that we have here in California is a a mandatory 3-day hold, and so that is one thing that will be checked into intensely here in the in the next week or two just to kind of see what happened between April and now to Trick so let me ask you about this particular bar: the borderline bar was there any connection reveals between the suspect and this bar, whether or not here before whether or not he had that some sort of interaction, that’s the trigger them here. We do know that he was involved in another battery situation. He was the victim in that case, that was another bar and we’re not really sure of the circumstances or what that was, but as far as this specific location fully still trying to piece together, the exact connection and this particular yeah, we have three different campuses really Within just about 15-20 minutes of here and Wednesday, nights were a nose kind of line dancing country music sort of night is specifically geared towards college students, a few people that were inside of the the club last one gentleman that I talked to you. He is here every single Wednesday night, and he said you have. The Silver Lining here is that is not as busy right now as it typically is later on or earlier on in season, and so because of that that may have helped wives. Alright, we will leave it there. We appreciate you joining us, Chris and Carlo reporter for KFI News in California. Thank you.
KFI News’ Kris Ankarlo discusses the mass shooting at a California bar and new details that are emerging about the the gunman.

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