Thousands of Maritimers left without power in wake of Dorian

Thousands of Maritimers left without power in wake of Dorian
Thousands of Maritimers left without power in wake of Dorian
And many of the power outages are caused by down trees at ctv’s. Emily Barron catalog joins us from a park and Central Halifax, Emily you’re standing at what has become a very popular site for those looking to check out the storm damage. Solutely Heather. This tree has become beautiful jungle gym at kids, climbing in through the branches climbing cross, this trunk and people lots of them taking selfies along this massive root system. Now, luckily, a tree like this, this any power lines, but their neighborhoods in Halifax were not so lucky in through the North End in through the Westin, lots of trees took down power lines, they landed on houses and fences and cars. There’S lot clean up. It’S going to be happening around our region today and, as I heard, from Nova Scotia Power yesterday, this cleanup is a matter of days, not ours. This is not going to be a quick thing. People need to be at patient as crews make play across the region and obviously some areas are higher priority. Some trees, if they’re not touching the power lines, not so much of a priority, and instead people might be able to make the most of a dorian’s Destruction. Come out see some of the sights here Heather. Alright, thank you. Emily ctv’s Emily Bearing catalog reporting in Halifax today.
Thousands of Maritimers are still in the dark after Dorian swept through the region. Many of the outages are due to downed trees.

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