Thousands sign petition to drink fluids found in Egyptian sarcophagus

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Thousands sign petition to drink fluids found in Egyptian sarcophagus
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write this story is the kind of story that makes you go why 3 weeks ago I just dug up a 2000 year-old sarcophagus from a construction site in Egypt sewage water there’s a petition signed by more than 20,000 people calling authority to let people drink the red liquid for more on that was go to Kristen Romy archaeology editor and National Geographic she’s in our Washington at Studio prison anytime you want to do this I cannot explain myself you know all I know is when they first made the discovery I saw I was interesting and then twist the twitterverse just grabbed onto it and I think I think we live in such an upside down world nowadays that I’m just channeled everyone’s Collective anxiety right you had this kind of believe when is looking sarcophagus in this pit and after it was opened and everybody was a little disappointed that it wasn’t Alexander the Great or some Great Plague or something they just want to keep it going that’s the only reason I can think that there’s nearly 20 mm you know people that have sign this petition so far yeah it’s unbelievable was I found in the same location and that’s why I people were talking about what was in there what could be in there when you saw that bust as the images no it didn’t lead me necessarily to any conclusions and when I saw the sarcophagus itself before it was opened it didn’t make sense for Alexandria which is a city that was only founded around you know it’s in the forts around 400 BC sarcophagus that we were looking at look like a much earlier Egyptian sarcophagus by the sheer size of it so a lot of things didn’t make sense and I was looking forward to seeing what they would find but it would be anything like Alexander the Great that I know a lot of people were kind of hoping people are also worried about a curse you mentioned the sarcophagus was blocking and people thinking there could be a curse was it more than that to make sarcophagus out of in Egypt on top of that you know you have that Classic Cuts curtiss-wright when Howard Carter open the tomb of Tutankhamun and people then afterwards fell ill and that’s been at rope for movies right for decades you know you have the really scary looking looking coffin and you’re just scream at the screen and telling the scientist don’t open it don’t open it and he or she opens it in something terrible happens alright so who be skeletons right well what we’re hearing from the Egyptian reports is that one of them appears to have like a battle wound of some sort on his call and their three adult males and so it tends to lead us to think that these may have been soldiers probably start together in a burial but this would have been some about the Roman. This is after Cleopatra loses control of Egypt in the Romans move in God I thank you for your time today thank you
National Geographic’s Kristin Romey says she can’t explain why the petition started other than the saga of a an Egyptian sarcophagus captivated the world.

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