Tim Hortons’ new boss on China and fighting with franchisees | Extended interview

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Tim Hortons’ new boss on China and fighting with franchisees | Extended interview
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dog grab a large coffee with 1/2 cream please thank you very much what is it that’s going on in Tim Hortons in and what is the solution to to fix certainly the pr problems going on right now culture in fact that argue that very very competitive industry for every restaurant in the world would kill to have the kind of brand status that Tim Hortons have there’s a ton of opportunity I think to build back a little bit of a slip at the brand of had in the last few years and to rebuild a relationship with restaurant owner I like this what is the how do you rank the priority of addressing that slip in the grandpa seen in the last couple years I think the number one priority if you look at how the business operates everyday give more than 1,500 Canadians and new Canadian to own and operate restaurants like this you had a really interesting career and we’ll get into that a little bit from politics to Canadian Tire but I’m leaving Canadian Tire and coming to an organization like this what was it about RBI and and what they were trying to do here that didn’t make you say staying out of that fight what made you want to get involved in and try to address if you read the newspapers are they going to come in and bye-bye presented on the Burger King and Tim Horton’s growth strategy for the next three years not once lied about cutting costs every single slide was data analytics backing up purposeful deliberate that are going to drive Innovation product quality restaurant experience brand Communications Joliet drug company that are bi and I think being able to tell that story and be able to live another brand promise that’s out there in the market is very very important back prophesied of this country and get out of here how important is Tim Hortons the bottom line into the culture at RBI fundamentally a Canadian brand great business it’s a great culture it’s great for customer is great product RBI bought Tim Hortons because of both the Canadian and Global expansion opportunities direct expansion opportunities Canada Urban suburban and Rural the same as true International you’ve just seen her announcement so right and the number crunching that went into strategy and and development within Tim Horton’s is part of the issue with the franchisees that the data analytics explained as well that relationship wasn’t nurtured in bed instead there to focus on the numbers instead of the relationships with the people running restaurants like that I don’t think it was restaurant owners in Richmond VT interviews he said listen we could have done a better job for a couple of years here and this brand is unlike any Brandon this face anywhere in the world and being able to understand the power of this brand the expectations of our guest their relationship to the restaurant owners the incredible power they bring to the business I think Alex I want to have a China cuz it I think on the face of it this iconic Canadian brand has been very well here it hasn’t been as well in the United States what is it that the numbers in the day to tell you China and expansion that you think this is going to be a success everything about Canada the clean are the society the rights that we have is a society every country we went you said we need a little bit more Canada here in our own country hymns is the epitome Canadian brand to being able to take a bit more of Canada into another country be able to design a restaurant that has some Canadian elements taking the maple leaf abroad taking the quality of our coffee or anywhere in the world it’s a great opportunity for the brand all around the world do you believe though that at the end of the day other people will want to come in sit down and drink Tim Hortons coffee I like this for will be the user experience the customer experience have to fundamentally change to become something distinctly Chinese experts in the market that say listen this have to stay this have to change have to be tailored for a local flavor have to be tailored for local standard do you want to be flexible if you’re in a market then wants to know what a churro instead of a donut the China extension within Canada the retail environment is pretty Fierce McDonald’s and what are you guys doing address if you want to have in retail or and restaurant quarter after quarter after quarter of sustainable growth unique platform to grow on limited time offer better to the restaurant experience or product quality or Grande Communications unique platform one of those the new kid menu Family Restaurant we have more kids that come here with their parents any one of our competitors we are products they love it we don’t have a dedicated kids menu the way you would think of it from other places so we’ve been in market for about 2 in the coming weeks to live with testing in Market there’s new packaging products for kids that are differentiated from what you got out of there quick service restaurant I think it’s going to be one of many platforms that help Drive sustainable growth in the business restaurant have to store small store operationally how easy is it to do customer reaction urban-suburban and then we tweak it and then when we’re ready to go live restaurant owner parents of capturing the market that’s here and giving them a differentiated menu their moms and dad want to give their kids that’s healthy it is the growth opportunity International expansion or is it here at home not just addressing that slippage but but expanding within friend Urban Market in Canada certainly and Suburban certainly in a girl the question is again purposely deciding where do you real estate and internationally there’s nothing but opportunity internationally and taking this brand and Taylor preciate it
Tim Hortons’ new boss, Duncan Fulton, the new CCO of parent company Restaurant Brands International, talks about the coffee chain’s expansion to China and mending fences with Canadian franchisees.

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