Tim O’Brien: Trump Could Be Using ‘Mole Hunt’ Tactics To Battle NYT Op-Ed | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

what do you make of the way president Trump has reacted to the iPad in Bob Woodward’s book at the better part of five decade working very hard to keep himself front-and-center in the public eye wives to reporters using exactly the same methods New York Times op-ed map of state into the best and he is working hard to get around that self-absorbed delinquent who’s a business buffoon but they like those polyphony still keep on rocking on because they’re getting those things so why did this change anything because she doesn’t care about policy he’s so self-absorbed that he won’t focus on North Korea I’ll see what he cares about is his reputation and that’s why they’ve also want in the White House so while we all sit here cuz I oh my God this is a terrible day for the present with the midterms coming I don’t know that it is because for my policy perspective about to get confirm and if you think about the deregulation and attacks America doesn’t focus on enough which is that all of this this is going on every week in a different way his policies are going through University the environmental regulations put in on all kinds of levels so because all the bad conservative Pro corporate policies he wants to put through are going through while at times no criticism to the collective us we’re talking about these things that end up being kind of Optics you’re right the people who are benefiting from the tax cuts for benefiting from the environmental deregulations they’re not going to say where they’re going to keep writing the checks cuz life is good for that but there’s a bunch of Independence for women Independence who not to sign this is the kind of dysfunction out words and distractions and craziness that makes those voters uncomfortable policies but kind of like that he talks like it is this will affect them and I think that will happen it does any of this bother the GOP not look at Twitter and sit in his office and look up at the screen and see Brad Kavanagh and say I got that done midterms are going to be a litmus test on where all these reside all these things where I actually don’t think in the heartland of America The Apprentice to the television show ignorant they actually would go there and make things worse okay but do you believe that face in their home and believed him as his Straight Talk and can do business Guy Do You Believe they’ve actually change their opinion to the president is successful day in and day out discount in the media calling us the fake news when he can call us by us all you need to do is fact check the president he is a habitual liar with this point it’s almost 5,000 live everyday fact I can make it say they’re out to get us but we’re not we’re simply telling the truth and he told the heartland of America they want to get me it’s called 30 to 35% of America who are still for him are going to move no I think he has his face he’s keeping his face but I don’t think the Republicans or the Democrats of course but the real question is it is the undecideds the Swing Vote the voters who haven’t been activated the independent voter I didn’t go to the last time that’s the question existing 30% not moving this already in Democratic turnout in specials does this cause inside the White House on a good day isn’t really riling things up it is turned in already chaotic and dysfunctional White House on its head last night with his own son-in-law to make an exactly and polygraph test for their own they have pondered making them signs if you’re off the rails he cares about is a cult of personality Texas reputation and the only thing you know is he the staff must be terrible place to work although I have no sympathy for anybody who decided to go into this Administration but now this has to be even more paranoid because they’re going to come looking for you that does affect how quickly policy can be moved for when things can be executed cuz paranoia breathes you know complete Frozen it’s it’s just people down there afraid to do anything for two days and in the course of that deposition his lawyers took out a list of everyone Trump insiders and Trump acquaintances and began asking me have you ever spoken to them have you ever interview them going to the list forces work and once I realize they were on This fishing Expedition I said you don’t I’m not going to answer these questions another piece of the old Trump Playbook one is use anonymity to slag people II is if you need the battle back go on a mole hunt that’s what he did to me during our litigation that’s what he’s trying to do in his own white house right now terrible and to use a deposition that way it’s just right you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list and see lots of other great videos
Watch Stephanie Ruhle discuss the effects Bob Woodward’s new book and the anonymous op-ed reportedly written by a senior White House official are having on the Trump administration. Weighing in: Vice Chair of the New York State Democratic Party, Christine Quinn and Executive Editor of Bloomberg Opinion, Tim O’Brien.
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Tim O’Brien: Trump Could Be Using ‘Mole Hunt’ Tactics To Battle NYT Op-Ed | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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