To bark or not to bark: that question still remains at this former dog park

To bark or not to bark: that question still remains at this former dog park
To bark or not to bark: that question still remains at this former dog park
Theory that I mean, if you could read, you wouldn’t be on a leash, but the dogs are not gone here in Chevy Chase Maryland. The dogs are not leashed in a dog park. That is no more. We came here to talk, speak Dublin. It’S going to be. Okay, I don’t usually paid my interview is, but how you feeling you can sign language it that bad Macy’s pretty distraught Macy’s many many many new friends. I also happen to be a veterinarian. So I’m well aware of the importance of socialization dogs. They really need each other. they’re, better behaved. They don’t bark by enlarge things quieter that it really it’s quieter than my yard probably been coming here for around ten years spot you spell highs, which is like a 7-Eleven, and then it was just an empty lot and then we were all just come here. You know it’s dogs, anyways, and it was just so ugly. People wanted to change it. Improvements were great push it away from the sidewalk. Higher fence is all pretty much decided early on it’s too bad parking, habetz things of that nature, the driveway on A1A I work at home, and so this is kind of you know my my social., I’m here like 15 years ago, that I hadn’t seen jogging in Little kids would calm and they were talk to him or talk all over the country and here in Chevy Chase the commissions turn it down, because the complaints of a couple of neighbors 2 ridiculous we’ve really created a community that was very special and already yesterday I Was missing it are you the mayor? I’Ve been hearing all about. How do you feel about the gates going down the leashes going on families can’t say that to consider giving some coverage to this and that is open and available for all Park. Users, karate karate from the newly-founded public parking Chevy Chase, has been Dave Jorgenson with the Washington Post
In Chevy Chase Village, we spoke to the local dogs about the recently disestablished dog park.

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A controversial dog park that divided Chevy Chase will be dismantled

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