Tobias Harris addition makes me confident about the Philadelphia 76ers – Max Kellerman | First Take

Tobias Harris addition makes me confident about the Philadelphia 76ers – Max Kellerman | First Take
Polly want a big deal or no big deal is a big deal. Espn.Com Kirk Goldsberry, the great Kirk Goldsberry article on the Sixers like, and they reach their incredible feeling, like legitimately this year, Golden State, the heavy favorite, but like they have a shot to do it. Why you think he wrote that, because he looked at the numbers and said no, it can’t happen forget about the analytics for a second. This was a Philly team that couldn’t well enough to compensate for the fact that Ben Simmons, a phenomenal Talent, can shoot it all. Doesn’T shoot it all right shot it well enough, but not enough to compensate for Simmons lack of shooting and then of course, Reddit can really do it even better this year three point shooter I mean he can do a lot in the pick-and-roll in a lot of Pain made of that, but is a spot-up 3-point shooter he’s been awesome. Now you have two of the best Shooters in basketball to supplement the three really like: that’s what you want to do and MD Butler sitting with two of the best Shooters in basketball. They win the deal and plus, what’s the backcourt defense issue still with the Sixers in transition and blah blah blah. But the question was: what would this look like kidding? This is the best version of what Boogie might have look like on the Warriors so far to the Sixers senior award and what we learned, maybe with the Lakers but, more importantly, with the Nuggets this weekend was it. The reward potentially is really high, and I hear you if these four Tobias Harris out of Jimmy Butler, Joel, embiid and Ben Simmons can look this way. Reward is potentially hide. The risk Still Remains the risk you lose, both Harris and Butler at the Indira. But, more importantly, how will these four guys work out their chemistry Max? I think you are entirely too focused on a small sample size and that being this Lakers game, I only did Lakers win is a big deal. I think, is a team that just came off a big win over the Celtics. The Lakers team. Isn’T that good anyway – and this is not one to measure yourself against and Nuggets win that might be something different, because that was a game that was tied with about 4 minutes to and Harris and Butler in embiid workout who’s going to win the game they’re going To 14271, with the point is one game does not sway me, because that risk still exists Max. Who will take the last shot? How will they work out there I’ll give you two games of nice sample size, I’ll give you it looks promising, but you going to tell me that Tobias Harris is just going to be a spot-up shooter things like Eagle Max and I can’t put too much stock In some win over a middling teams in the West, I feel this is something about the way games that goes like look at the Sixers schedule. They have 13 games against plus500 teams. 12 embiid looks listen. Health is always the concern, but if he stays Wolfie, the issue is not. Who takes the last shot? That’S on dysfunctional teams. This team is functioning very well, so far are the Warriors could overcome LeBron James by themselves, so they ganged up to create an unfair Advantage right and the reason was Katie plays ball. The right way, the playing the right way. The open man takes the last shot. If you think this is a big deal, how big a deal is 6 or Bethany at this moment the Sixers of the best team in the east, the bucks, a piece what we’re seeing right now when you’re watching the Sixers. Since the trade are they giving you the sense that of the Warriors, adding Boogie or not like this is something a little different could be scary in the East. They are not giving me the sense that they are right now, the best team in the East. I could grant you all your ifs, but that would be really generous of me. That would be really really gratuitous and night. This is First Take do those things we know who the Box are. More importantly, the Box know who the Bucks are. They know they’re driven by yanis. They know they are surrounding him with 3-point shooter added another one in the Box makes sense about them on paper, and not just that in theory on the court adds up to a team that doesn’t just win the regular-season but can win in the playoffs. You know whose shoulders going to place it on come crunch time. You know how the pieces can help out. You said the problems with the Sixers exists on a dysfunctional team. We do not yet know if this is a functional group in Siri, Kirk Goldsberry. Article point out it could be in Siri as two games. What are the? What are the early Returns, the early returns I want it looks like as of right now if it was one game for all the marbles.
Max Kellerman likes the way the Philadelphia 76ers are coming together after the addition of Tobias Harris because now they’ve surrounded Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid with shooting. Will Cain still wants to see more games before making a decision on whether 76ers can win the Eastern Conference.

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