Tom Muclair: Scheer’s energy corridor ‘not well advised’, provinces unlikely cooperate

Tom Muclair: Scheer’s energy corridor ‘not well advised’, provinces unlikely cooperate
Tom Muclair: Scheer’s energy corridor ‘not well advised’, provinces unlikely cooperate
I’Ve made it clear in the house, and I want to make it clear again. I believe the future tenant does not include fracking. We cannot be fracking policy. Nep would cancel not only the Transmountain pipeline expansion but make more ambitious cuts to greenhouse gas emissions and and fracking projects in British Columbia that liquefied natural gas pipeline check it out. Shearer’S new promise to build an Energy Corridor and become energy Independent by 2030. Is that realistic, new plan from him as well? Let’S bring in the senior reporter with the Toronto Star CTV Chief political commentator and our special guest today is a former NDP leader, currency TV, political commentator, Tom mulcair. Welcome to everyone. I was saying I support the big 40 billion dollar project in British Columbia for LNG flip flop. I’Ve been very clear against fracking for all the reasons that we know and when this person came out in favor of that big LNG project and the attendant fracking, there were people that in DC, including spend Robinson who criticize them for it. So you know we shouldn’t be in favor of these new projects until we got a clear path to respecting our International obligation to reduce greenhouse gases. So course it’s a it’s a contradiction that let a lot of people to say that the only voice right now on the environment that we can count on is Elizabeth May’s, green party, and that’s why Elizabeth got 39 % in the name old, lady Smith. In that by-election, just about a week and a half ago, so there’s no way to get away from the fact that Canadians are worried about the environment, they’re worried about climate change and they want a strong, credible voice assistant voice through that goal of the NDP leader. You are feeling the greens breathing down your neck and I guess he’s decided that he had better come against and by the way it includes thousands of jobs. He would be saying no to If He makes himself clear and says one leaves to the other. There won’t be in the pipeline if I become the prime minister of Canada. Reflection of the political heat. Jagmeet Singh is feeling on the environment in BC and the political landscape, and that labor is course of questioning in a scrum thought through policy, and so I think that speaks more thing. Sort of writing is to confront these issues on the campaign Trail homework, because I think people out there are going to get pretty confused pretty fast. Was this not already a done deal and if it was a done deal, and he was, he was for it? His flip-flop now is it’s it’s indicative where everybody is at and perhaps the conversation on the environment should go elsewhere. If these jobs are going to be lost, why would the NDP was because initially, what he saw was all of the elected leaders along the route of that pipeline from all of their first Nations, agreeing that they want the NDP government out there.? Do you like to build an Energy Corridor? That would also eventually mean that pipe wants to be built both east and west, but also that can energy dependent by 2030. How does it play out in vote-rich places like a back Doug Ford, said no to a deal that did been brought together between the Quebec and the Ontario liberals under respectively, Philip couillard and Kathleen Winn? He said he doesn’t need any of that clean renewable Hydro. So now Quebec is going to be selling that same Hydro to New York City, which is very glad to be able to displace a lot of the oil that was being burned to heat buildings. So it’s a Win. 4, New York – and I don’t know why. Ford – said no to that, but the reality is that, right now in Canada we can talk. All we want about Energy Corridor is, but the provinces have a lot to say about that. Mr legault, who is an objective Ally, have Andrew Scheer is a very right-wing fellow with regard to the economy. He’S very much in lockstep with Mr Sharon. Lot of things has already said: yes to a massive liquid natural gas project to the sagnay. That’S something that mr. Sherwood cement a rough, but he said no to energies there, any other new version of energy. So why would he pick a fight with a province that has 78 seats up for grabs in next Fall’s election and a government thing that you can to say, look we’re on side with the conservatives on many of these issues. I don’t think that mr. sure is being very well advised on some of this stuff to be honest with you having what he said on Energy Corridor. Support unit supports his own backing of major energy project. However, that’s easier said than done. The devil’s in the details does he intend to expropriate communities that might have a say or watch have a veto over such an Energy Corridor has no details on that. So I think I think it. I think that this is mr. Shirak trying to pitch it. Support for energy, but that’s a given atom, but let’s say something you know: big projects are born out of outrageous ideas. Who would have thought hundreds of years ago? Look we can have it a real way from coast to coast. Everybody says you’re crazy. So maybe there’s a crazy idea. Maybe it is Isabel. We don’t know anywhere having a hard time making pipeline in this part of Canada. Imagine this but imagine if actually it could work. Imagine if it was a way to make it feasible like. Why are politicians not allowed to dream? That’S what we want from them, so go for it, let’s go for big projects and then let’s kill those because Eye in the Sky by black. That’S what it is and never going to ask. How else is he going to resolve the usual issues with all the First Nations, dozens and dozens of them all along the Route? Is it going to be next to a highway that is going to have to build a new Trans-Am? Just then a federal election important will these issues of the energy and the environment, these policies that everybody’s rolling out debates on energy shape, voters and the next general election. If you listen to the conservative Thursday, the general issue price of gas, look in New Brunswick looking BC. Looking Ontario is that going to be a shaper of this election poor voter? Is it poor electric have about twenty 25 % of Canadians who will change their vote to a party that they believe will act on climate change? We saw it on Vancouver Island just last week. We know that Elizabeth May is green party is on the March. They got 12 % for heaven sakes in my old riding abu-jamal unheard of here and go back for the green party, but it shows at 11 that there’s a real concern about climate change in Canada. People are willing to change their votes. Based on that, Mr Trudeau’s liberals, Goodgame Catherine McKenna is a great spokesperson, but they just simply haven’t delivered. They haven’t gotten the job done, so people are looking to have a situation like the one that exists in BC where the greens hold. The balance of power have held the government’s feet to the fire and they’ve been delivering on climate and on the environment. General Lee
Former NDP leader Tom Mulcair joins the Scrum to discuss Jagmeet Singh’s apparent flip flop on fracking and Andrew Scheer’s plans to create an ‘energy corridor.’


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