Tom Mulcair: An ‘unseemly performance’ by ethics committee

Tom Mulcair: An ‘unseemly performance’ by ethics committee
Tom Mulcair: An ‘unseemly performance’ by ethics committee
Ctv News political commentator, former NDP leader Tom mulcair, who is been very patient, NDP the conservatives to liberals had to say what do you make of a Tom yeah you’re right.? It was actually fun to be back in that the committee room and see so many former colleagues today and and to be able to cover it with you. It was an unseen only performance from the Liberals. I think it’s important to start right. At the beginning, the person who is responsible for determining whether or not somebody is broken the law is called the ethics. Commissioner, his name is Mario Zemo, Brendan important decision last week. That said that prime minister Justin Trudeau once again broke the law, that’s clear. So this isn’t some vague idea: it’s not some breach of some administrative rule. That’S a definitive decision today. What we saw was an attempt to stop Mr Dion from coming in and answering questions, but it was actually worse than that. So the liberal sent in an old fixer and a member of the committee just to shut the thing down, and then it actually got worse because a young member from the Toronto region, fellow named Nathaniel, Erskine Smith, takes the microphone and says I would have loved to Have heard him because here all the things that are wrong with his report, but he knows full well that his liberal colleagues were going to shut the thing down. It’S all part of the cover-up. That’S been going on since the beginning attack on Diehl knowing full. Well, he will not be given the right to answer and that’s a breach of common decency. Forget fancy rules of natural Justice allowing the other person the right to be heard, and I was gobsmacked at the behavior. It was such a puppet show. So you were, you had one who is supposed to be the bad cop. The other one was supposed to show a little bit more ethics and morals and think he’s using that platform tack. Mr., It was unseemly it’s unprecedented since the beginning: they’ve muzzled Jody wilson-raybould, so she wasn’t able to give the full version of all of the attempts by Justin Trudeau’s officers and himself to try to interfere in the snc-lavalin now they’re shutting down the committee that just wanted To get more information than they were also still bold as to tell nine people that they were not allowed to give full answers in the investigation, so the whole thing. Obviously, as several people have it’s going to wind up being decided by Canadian voters on October 21st, will this Dragon? I think it paints a picture of a government that believes it’s above the law that the law doesn’t apply equally to everybody in our society that some people are above. The law Mike snc-lavalin they’ll find a way to try to get you out of your trouble when you’ve broken the law and if you’re, the Prime Minister and you get caught breaking the law, you can just stand there and say I disagree with the conclusions of that Report it’s an unprecedented and Canadian law and in Canadian politics I disagree with his interpretation of the law came out. I remember he was standing in full Sunshine with a bunch of liberal Mayors in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Was a lovely lovely shot that for a pre-campaign for him by his advisors, music, usually good, at delivering the lines prepared for him by his advisors, so he stood there any said. I accept the conclusion with how we got to those conclusions and the buck stops here. So that buck stops here was supposed to be the answer that people were going to retain, but ever since then, and increasingly in fact, Monday in Quebec City in basically denied the whole thing. So how can you when a man say you respect this important person? Who is named to judge the ethics of members of parliament, including the Prime Minister, accept his report and then deny you did anything wrong and say in this? Is the dialling part I was doing this interest of Canadians? I was serving a higher purpose. You know you can just imagine that if everybody in Canada was allowed to come up with their own excuse. Oh sorry, I was going 180. I was late coming home. I was serving a higher purpose if it can’t be that way, I’ll have to apply equally to everyone. This isn’t a monarchy: Justin Trudeau’s, not the king, although there was a bit of humor in the title of the report because they called a Trudeau to that with the Roman to a sort of like Elizabeth II. So I think that maybe mr. jail was having a bit I’m with that one or a longtime politician before you became an MP federally and then, of course, leader of the NDP ocean, that the story plays out very differently in your home Province than it does elsewhere. In the country and whether that is part of the liberal calculation coming up, they issue the Bloc quebecois has been trying to scratch at that for sometime, not getting much traction MR2. It has been far more subtle in making that appeal when he stands in front of a microphone in Quebec City, and he says I was just defending jobs, which of course is I was defending Quebec job and anybody who’s criticizing. My actions and snc-lavalin is attacking Quebec. There’S no question that mr. Trudeau is quite good at playing that particular game and that’s the one that he’s been playing since this report was handed down. Conservative side. Lisa rate, I think, has been Pitch Perfect for tone has been just right. This is about Justin Trudeau’s Behavior, it’s not about those jobs in Quebec. She’S been very careful not to get dragged into that Charlie Angus. Also, quite quite careful in dealing with that John, the S & T corruption Scandal. Instead, they use their majority to cover up the truth and are now complicit in Trudeau, political interference in Athens, these criminal prosecution Janelle. The way this vote went down at least that’s what the Liberals are hoping. I mean we are 2 months away and it is August 21st blame last week he goes all-in says I was just doing it for you, I might have seen, but it was. It was for you and he hopes that that’s what a message is going to resonate with enough Canadian today same thing sends in his liberal fixer from the Quebec side shut this thing down, thuggish Behavior they shut it down. Some thinking would have been have the one hour with mister Danielle Dolby have enough questions on both sides. It’S so complicated anyway, lot of the members of public at tuning out on this thing, and nobody will be able to accuse us of a cover-up. I had Worcestershire statement yet, but I’m not surprised because it is a cover-up. That’S what we’re dealing with you know when you tell Jody wilson-raybould, she can’t talk about this this or this. She hasn’t been able to give full version when you shut down the Justice committee, as they did a couple of months. That’S part of a cover-up. Their excuse, then, was so it’s going to be looked at by the ethics commissioner, the ethics commission to deliver the report. It gets the committee as it always does they invite the commissioner, as you always do, and they shut it down because that’s part of the cover, so the Liberals are just hoping that this stuff is too complicated. It’S going to fly right over the heads of most people that they’ll be able to smile their way through the campaign. Stick with generalities say what we’re certainly not as horrible as the conservatives. You got to vote us back in and hope that this type of behavior, accidented Behavior sitting prime minister found guilty twice, are breaking the law they’re, just hoping that they can get past it and if he’d be able to say you see, go along with that. One. Last thing you just touched down at that: I want to dig in a little deeper if we can before we let you go, and I know you’ve given us a lot of time. So I appreciate your patience, but you were in that room and you were watching and follow me closely. Why not do as you say why not let Mary Odeon come up and answer questions from both sides of the story. Adolphus, coming out go straight to the references made by Elizabeth May and I think she was onto something there she said. Look. We know that there are nine people who are not allowed to speak and then his report. He doesn’t always name the people are speaking. I would have she said she would have loved to have been able to dig down on that, and I think it would have been the opportunity for Mr G O to give that extra information. I think that’s precisely what the Liberals didn’t want, they didn’t want anybody to be ID fight as one of the nine people who are part of The Blocking efforts of the liberal. So the cover-up is to stop those people from speaking, we do know because the RCMP has said that they’re on the case now that the RCMP has given itself, the man need to look at this thoroughly. Maybe that’s also what they’re worried about. Maybe it’s one of the reasons the mister Trudeau very stubbornly refuses to apologize when, obviously, that could have put a stop to a lot of this. When he’s in real trouble, he refuses to apologize when it’s easy tears, historical. They should have no problem, but he knows, and he’s got enough – smart people around him to tell him to be careful because that could be considered or construed as an admission of some kind of come back to haunt you. If the RCMP does dig down on this. As they must, then MR2, it’s probably getting good advice to avoid any admission, because this, if you think that the deal report last week played Havoc with the Liberals campaign waiting to see what would happen if we find out that the RCMP is pushing this as it Is, of course, their constitutional. You need to do great conversation Tom. Thank you for that.
Former NDP leader Tom Mulcair discusses the ethics committee voting down a motion to hear from Mario Dion on the SNC-Lavalin affair.


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