Top Dems Beat President Donald Trump Handily In New Head-To-Head Polls | The Last Word | MSNBC

Top Dems Beat President Donald Trump Handily In New Head-To-Head Polls | The Last Word | MSNBC
Top Dems Beat President Donald Trump Handily In New Head-To-Head Polls | The Last Word | MSNBC
And we begin tonight was decisive new polling in the Democratic presidential campaign that pulling is decisive only at the lower end of the numbers, because of who that pulling has eliminated from participation in the next democratic debate. The pulling Force One of the senators in the campaign to drop out of the race Kristen gillibrand tweeted today I am ending my campaign for president. I think it’s important to know how you can best serve now. Let’S go beat Donald Trump and win back. The Senate to polls were released today on the final day that candidates could meet the qualifications for participation in the next democratic debate, which is a combination of polling numbers and the number of donors to a campaign, not necessarily every Paul. It’S all the polls taken together. Some individual pause the candidate can perform lower but still survive. The cut for the for this debate – and that’s what’s happened here – appear to cross the threshold in today’s fine, and so the 10 candidates who have already qualified will be participating in the next debate. A formal Announcement by the Democratic National Committee is expected tomorrow on the official lineup of that next debate, the 10. We expect those 10 candidates we’ve already qualified, are Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris people to judge Amy Klobuchar Andrew Yang Beto, O’Rourke, Cory, Booker and Julian Castro weed, among likely Democratic primary voters at 32 %. Elizabeth Warren is at 14 % Bernie Sanders at 12 % Harris at 6, Pete buttigieg at 6. Andrew Yang is at 3 % at 2 %. Booker is a 2 % helium Castro is that 1 % and Tim Ryan is also at 1 %, although he did not qualify for the pulse. Every other received less than 1 % support in that pole, and a new Quinnipiac University poll shows Joe Biden with that same support level of 32 % coming out of the same day. That’S among Democratic voters and independent voters who lean Democratic Elizabeth Warren is at 19 %, 15 % Kamala Harris’s at 7 p.m. put a judge’s at 5 Andrew Yang that 3/8 canidates received 1 % support. They are Beto O’Rourke, Cory, Booker, Amy, Klobuchar, Tulsi gabbard, Marianne Williamson and Bill de Blasio. Every other candidate received less than 1 % support in that poll. These polls follow the highly controversial Monmouth University poll released on Monday that showed up virtual three-way tie at the top of mung Joe Biden, Warren and Bernie Sanders. Today’S polls sharply contradict the Monmouth poll, which many observers considered an unreliable outlier in the polling data when it was released. On Monday, and now the director of the Monmouth poll agrees and this statement after today’s new poles were released every so often, you will naturally have a pole that falls outside the standard margin of error that occurs very infrequently, but every pollster who has been in this Business, a wild recognizes that outliers happen. This appears to be one of those instances. The Quinnipiac poll matched five of the democratic candidates against President Trump. It showed all of those candidates with solid lead over President Trump, with Joe Biden again at the top of the pack. Joe Biden pulled 54 % against President Trump’s 38 %. Bernie Sanders is ahead of trump 5339 Elizabeth Warren’s, ahead of trump 5240 Kamala Harris 140 people, judges head of trump 49 240 in the Quinnipiac poll, the front-runner in the Democratic race, Joe Biden had a meeting with a small group of people yesterday and we are lucky Enough to have someone who was in the room with your body in that meeting, Nolan mccaskill, who was a political reporter who described how the meeting was supposed to go and how Joe Biden immediately changed that expectation. Only castles report on the meeting in Politico began. This way Joe Biden campaign convened a dozen or so black reporters from major media Outlets, Tuesday, for what was offered as a private off-the-record sit down with the Democratic front-runner, but Biden open. The discussion blowing himself to be quoted, and then he started talking, and he talked some more and before everyone knew what the former vice-president and held forth for 90 minutes. That’S an extraordinary amount of time for a major presidential candidate to meet the media in a single sitting. One of the highlights of the discussion was with Joe Biden, have to say about how he would choose a vice-presidential nominee if he wins the Democratic presidential nomination and Nolan mccaskill is here to tell us all about that. Here is Joe Biden’s latest campaign ad released yesterday. In Iowa I was sworn into the United States Senate next to hospital bed. My wife and daughter killed in a car crash little boys. I couldn’t imagine what it would have been like if we didn’t have the health care they needed immediately. 40 years later. One of those little boys, my son, Beau, was diagnosed with terminal cancer to live. I can’t fathom what would have happened if insurance companies and said for the last six months of his life you’re on your own. The fact of the matter is Healthcare is personal. To me, Obamacare is personal to me. Turn on Joe Biden. Can I approve this message? Mccaskill has a few things to add to that. No mccaskill is a political reporter for Politico, also with a Sam Stein politics out of The Daily Beast, he’s an MSNBC political analysts and Jonathan Allen, political reporter for NBC News, digital. Knowing what start with you and this extraordinary meeting with Joe Biden yesterday about a dozen of you and we’re all familiar with that style of meeting it’s supposed to be off the Record and you’re supposed to gain some insights about the candidate that might not be possible. Otherwise, but immediately, I guess Joe Biden put it on the record. Is that how it happened? It was pretty close.. Wanda start the session will be on the record, and so the vice president ended up speaking for maybe 10 or 15 minutes early bring his opening statement. Putting or offered a chance to ask a question, or sometimes a couple of questions anyway, when squeezing maintenance about 90 minutes is a short run for him. What were the highlights of this section? Treat to your mind when talking about white supremacy and racism is very candid and saying that you know racism is a white man’s problem and he was challenging white Americans to speak out about it to embarrass it. To really highlight things are going on that shouldn’t be high and this country because he says that’s the best way to fight it. He also gave some some insights into his rationale for determining a running mate City become a nominee.. There’S been a lot of pressure on some candidates, pick a woman and there’s also some pressure to have some diversity on the ticket about choosing a person of color, while he does prefer to have someone who fits that bill, someone who’s more being vice president to President Barack Obama and how much trust Obama had in him when he was in the white house, and he said that that’s the most important thing for him if he is still coming out in the house when he trusts, even if that person doesn’t necessarily fit the bill Of being, he does really want to consider that wants to go in summer if he gets to make that choice right to choose. Somebody who’s also suggest that you know he’s looking at someone who’s, possibly more music and politically, to have with someone who’s on the same ticket with him. It’S a disagreement and tactics, but he want somebody who believes the same things he believes so that he can trust that person to delegate president can continue to focus on the big things that a president has to do, and then there were 10 on the debate stage That looks like there’s, that’s finally going to be. Are we act like, I think, there’s a lot of Democrats who are very relieved because two nights was Just Tires cuz at this juncture, it really isn’t coming upon the main candidates are the top five candidates to actually be able to debate one another, and that was Not happening up until this point, so we will see for the first time. Was Joe Biden in the same state is Elizabeth Warren weather that changes the Dynamics here is another question because still with 10 people, two incredibly crowded debate stage were talking about 1/92 to 2 Minutes for answers tops with a rebuttals – that’s not exactly substantive debate, but you know we will get to see the contract that we’ve been longing to see and in all likelihood after this debate, the field will narrow even further, naturally or not, and will get an even Tighter the basic after that Alan, so we got the two poles out today and Monmouth just comes out and says: well, we should all just forget about that. Monmouth poll and people were leaving in that direction. Already anyway, I’ve been with this solid 32. It just right. It’S right back there and he’s right back in that solid position have been settled into now for a couple of weeks with Elizabeth Warren essentially and the rest of the field in the way they’ve been lining up in most of the other pulse is this: is this Starting to gel, or is it still is this where we still say it’s too early and it’s still too early, but if you were to come up with the beasts storyline so far, Joe Biden’s resilience as the leader of the front-runner with roughly a third of the Democratic electoral behind them is certainly number one and number two would be Elizabeth Warren really having the the trajectory that she’s had coming base from out of nowhere at the beginning of the campaign up into that position of second, maybe perhaps having plateaued a little bit for The moment that would be the sort of second story line among the candidates will have to see them at Sam says I’m on the debate stage for the first time to see if that rocks anything back and forth. I think one of the interesting things to be to watch will be Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. We saw them in Detroit essentially walking arms as the the people agitating for what will Elizabeth Warren close, big structural change and not going after each other at all. It’Ll. Be interesting to see if they try to do that again with the Biden sort of taking the moderate position and how that plays out he’s, certainly a stronger advocate for that position than some of the others. They were on last time. A striking numbers in the Democrats versus Donald Trump part of the pole, with Biden with this kind of huge late. I mean that’s just a huge lead in Poland terms: 38 / Donald Trump one-on-one Bernie Sanders 53 to 39, just about to sit within the margin. That’S the same thing and Elizabeth Warren’s 5240 within the margin of error is the same thing: go to Drudge nine points ahead of Donald Trump. This has to be very encouraging for the Democrats and actually possibly free up some of that sense. That Joe Biden is the safest, possible choice. There’S definitely evidence in this pulling that isn’t the only tenant who can defeat Trump, but he does have his Advantage. The fact that he does weed shop by the largest margin C does continuing to leave the rest of the field by the largest margin. He does well with man. He does well with white voters. He does all the black voters with a Spanish voters. The most interesting things in the polling is just the fact that you have this historically diverse field of 2020 candidates, but the top three are white people who continue to dominate and that’s just a very interesting perspective disapproval. The President right aren’t directly related to where the candidates stand, that show that you ever Donald Trump right now, yeah, you know, I’m not judging head-to-head pulling at this juncture is a little bit of a Fool’s errand things change dramatically. As you all know, we can look back at how Hillary Clinton’s turn against Trump at this juncture and 26th. What struck me about the Quinnipiac poll is not that had stuff, although it doesn’t matter in the perception of who is quantum collectible. The number that actually struck me was the number Trump had on the economy. For the first time, voters had a more dismal view about the Play Future, then a positive one in the Quinnipiac poll that seems highly dubious for Trump. He has really held on to this idea that, despite all the histrionics, despite all the drama, spent all the controversy and I’m the lack of Ethics, that this strong economy through bus stock-market would Propel him among voters to a second term. If that starts to slip. If the public begins to start to doubt their economic future, I think Trump’s in a real world of hurt and at that juncture, yet you will see Democrats across the board scoring well against him in a general election hypothetical match up we’re done the rest of MSNBC
Trump trails the leading Democratic candidates in new head-to-head polling. Plus, Joe Biden has strong numbers over the rest of the Dem field in primary polling. Lawrence discusses the state of the race with Sam Stein, Jonathan Allen and Nolan McCaskill.
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Top Dems Beat President Donald Trump Handily In New Head-To-Head Polls | The Last Word | MSNBC

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