Top Diplomat Rips Trump Ukraine ‘Scam’ As Damning Texts Emerge | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Top Diplomat Rips Trump Ukraine ‘Scam’ As Damning Texts Emerge | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
Top Diplomat Rips Trump Ukraine ‘Scam’ As Damning Texts Emerge | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
President Trump Under Fire, as Democrats are drafting impeachment subpoenas tonight I miss the breaking story about another Trump Administration, Insider flag and potential crime which Bell’s new trouble tonight for Bill. Barnes doj. If that wasn’t enough, there are Smoking Gun text messages calling for the Nixon tapes for encrypted age. You take this all together. The headline in Washington tonight is the evidence against the president is mounting and there are signs that it’s getting to him. I’M going to show you that in the moment, but here’s the context, Democrats in the White House, evidence request and warning defying a deadline to turn over documents are signs. President Trump doesn’t think he’s found a winning defense because he keeps changing his defense. Consider that we now can count at least four different, conflicting responses, which include the president’s latest today, he’s literally gone, hiding it and lied to afford the news. Facts: first are Donald Trump’s own diplomats, writing out there evidence of this incriminating Secret, long, Trump’s, line of request and then another Insider rebuking. This writing are we internal push back for this extortion plot in another official in these now released texts writes out. I think it’s crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign. Review have brought out Donald Trump’s 4th story line today, he’s backing off that normalization attempt to ask China to help with the collusion, even though most of that many of them don’t believe they should do Trump laying down the explosive stop. While admitting that Democrats have them on the run, so take it all together here and let me explain what else you need to know. Diplomats involved in the Scandal knew or suspected the Donald Trump was abusing the power of his office for political gain, and we have bits literal image of How It’s playing for Donald Trump from the White House. Nbc’S Kelly O’Donnell snaps a photo of the president’s hand here but stiff arm to the press, as he tried to get away from a question on a day when clearly he could barely handle that public appearance. I begin with a dip. I will come to No One allowed in these times. Michael mcfaul, former US ambassador to Russia have changed the president’s response. I don’t report on everything he saying, obviously a strictly to take at face value. What is it mean to you that he does feel the need to deny these, because those texts are just so damning all right, I mean it just spells out in lots of detail what the play was. You know if we just have the text of there, that the call right the transcript, Donald Trump he’s, always saying crazy things. Juliani, probably called him right before then no big deal. What these texts show from people that are appointees of the Trump Administration by the way is that they were plotting play. They were before the call after the call flying to Ukraine jamming ukrainians to try to get them to put it on the record. It shows that there was a quid pro quo and these were the operatives trying to make that trans can happen. Take a listen to another important Point here. The way the president really doesn’t have any Mastery any sense about he wants to handle basic questions. This was on, of course, the targeting which is accorded Democrats we’ll take a look. We would have to look ambassador, it seems to make it worse each day, and this is sort of closing the 2nd Newsweek where we’ve obviously seen him. I don’t just mean news, but in Washington in government seen him really on the Run bags. That interview. I guess that’s what it’s called a press conference. I don’t know we call it anymore. You just got blue Pig and looping, I’m fighting corruption all over the world. This is not about politics when, in fact, there’s no evidence to support that claim. He’S never been in been fighting corruption in Ukraine or any other country, and when you just single out the son of your opponent, a relative of your electoral opponent, that is not an anti-corruption campaign. In fact, already that reminds me of what Putin did to his main political opponent, that guy name Alexei navalny under the rubric allegedly of fighting corruption. He put Alexei navalny his brother in jail. We all know what that was. That was not the rule of law. That was an auto Craddock way to squelches. Opponent is exactly what President Trump’s doing, and I find it absurd who believe that, when he just yells and yells and yells, while I’m fighting corruption – and I don’t care about politics – I think the American people are smarter than that deerpoint. I even his own supporters would consider him politically shrewd politically obsessed constantly engaging in politicking from the White House, so it is it. Is it almost a type of rebuttal that isn’t really designed to appeal? Did anyone on the on the substance stay with me? I want to bring in from Ouran are legal perspective. Our friend and legal eagle, Maya, Wiley work as a civil prosecutor in New York at all Witnesses summer fact witnesses that they were around things and they have to decide when and if they’ll tell the truth, and others are just people who work for Donald Trump have To decide whether they want to get in on cover-ups or not, which is you know, may have legal consequences are coming up and in this hour here is one of what I’m calling at ladder group yeah past president about the issue we’re trying to looking at other Corruption matters. I can’t speak to that. That might be his best dancer, but he surely didn’t give the kind of defense that the president prefers from his televised AIDS, because it’s getting hot up in there and you know that’s my legal version. Is you know if you have some of what we have seen in the news of late, which are clear indications not best of the president doing things that are campaign-finance crimes and putting the national security at risk? But conversations between envoys of the president that indicate their understanding that he’s doing he’s an engagement, Aquos say with Ukraine. You have to be thinking about what conversations have I had in the past? What text messages might exist? Let me be careful about my answers. Let me also be careful cuz, I don’t know what the president is going to say to me tonight or tomorrow, or what my instructions are going to be so finding it astounding that he simply didn’t say I will be a quitting the job I was assigned in A quart with the law and the rules and that’s my commitment and then doing that doing that and into your point re in an any instance in which she was asked to do something that might be part of either a cover-up, something that was untoward. Then she should make the right decision that any American should make is basically being pressed, and then they wanting a White House visit, and we have this a written text once we have a date, will call for a press briefing announcing upcoming visit, outlining vision for the Reboot of u.s. Ukraine relationship, including election meddling in investigations and the Trump official who sings left you’re not supposed to do that, and indeed you might be roped into a criminal conspiracy. If you keep doing that, that particular Taylor – I don’t know Ambassador sunlen, but he’s that he’s a person that just gave money to Trump and got his job as a result of that he’s the other one involved here. With respect to that text, I’ve never seen anything like that. Of course, this is extraordinary wrong disappointing. I understand that Kurt and I was in charge of a trying to bring peace for the Don boss and he knows that he needs the selenski Trump meeting to release military assistance, which is a good foreign policy objective, which I support, but how’s. The line and doing this and and end in underscores, I mean maybe they helped us the underscore. I was going to use the word conspiracy, but that’s not a good word. You guys are the legal experts that this was a big play. There is a hero and I want to make sure we also underscore that that’s Ambassador Taylor. He gets called out to seduce temporary Duty so he’s out in Kiev after they fired the previous Ambassador. Remember that, by the way I appointed by President Bush originally served in Kia and he is in these texting – haymount wait a minute guys. This is wrong and at one point he says: if we’re doing this transaction, I’m leaving, I quit, we should celebrate him, but his position underscores just how wrong the other. Two investors were to be involved in this scam. Who was one of the people who we know claimed to have issues with Trump, because he criticized him so much and jiri was making a we’re getting two phantasmagorical places in some of the attempt to the defense. Take a listen feeling depressed knowing that you guys were going to get outraged by it. He plays it like a violin in every Falls right into that’s, not a real request. Real. What you’re seeing is not real unless all of us are suffering from some form of national hallucination, because we saw what we saw. We heard what we heard. That is what I call spent on something because you think you have a hook, that’s plausible, rather than looking at what the law is, what the law says. Testimony situations, whatever conversations were happening with China and we’ve, had some news reporting that there was a June phone call with China, where Trump did not just mention Biden but even started talking about prospects of Elizabeth Warren to afford leader. So those two things put together makes Marco Rubio statement less credible. If that’s what happens, but the point is anyone who has knowledge who’s asked to testify we’re not Marco Rubio himself, but there are people who have knowledge and they have to be making a calculation right. Now, to your point about what side of history and what side of the law are they going to sit on? Temporaneous materials suggest how real this wise and it’s not a day where I was going to report more in the shower. Ukraine is announcing investigations that follow what the Trump Administration wanted. If you’re worried about the foreign meddling in the investigation of Rivals in 2020, it’s here, it’s now, it’s real serious as a heart attack fall. Thank you. As always, my stay with me cuz. I want to bring it on that other story where, in the world that you’re here with us, and we appreciate that
President Trump is under fire as damning texts reveal his own diplomats expressed hesitation over his Ukraine plot, saying ‘it’s crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign.’ Former U.S. Ambassador Michael McFaul argues the “extraordinary” evidence shows Trump’s actions were “wrong,” and analyzes the plot as a “autocratic way to squelch his opponent.” Aired on 10/4/19.
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Top Diplomat Rips Trump Ukraine ‘Scam’ As Damning Texts Emerge | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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