Top U.S. General Left Out Of Syria Withdrawal Decision: ‘I Was Not Consulted’ | TIME

Top U.S. General Left Out Of Syria Withdrawal Decision: ‘I Was Not Consulted’ | TIME
General, were you aware of the president’s intention to order the withdrawal of our troops from Syria before that was publicly announced? I was not aware of the of the specific announcement. Certainly, we are aware that he is Presta Desiring at 10 in the past to depart depart Iraq. So you weren’t consulted before that decision was announced. We were not fight against Isis and violent extremist is not over. Our mission has not changed. The coalition’s hard-won battlefield gains. Can only be secured by maintaining a Vigilant offencive against them now largely dispersed and disaggregated Isis that retains leaders, Fighters, facilitators resources and the profane ideology that fuels our effort.
President Donald Trump did not consult his top military commander in the Middle East before making the abrupt announcement to withdraw all 2,000 U.S. troops from Syria.
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Top U.S. General Left Out Of Syria Withdrawal Decision: ‘I Was Not Consulted’ | TIME

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