Toronto councillors discuss Doug Ford’s proposed cuts

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Toronto councillors discuss Doug Ford’s proposed cuts
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Ontario Premier Doug Ford plant 2 / the number of Toronto city councilors was table today I made plenty of controversy the PC government’s plan would see the number of council seats cut from 47 to 25 and could be passed in days that’s less than three months before the city’s October 22nd municipal election so what happens next in this Collision Course between Premier Ford and some members of Toronto City Council joining me now from City Hall with the latest is this reset Shanks to Lisa what has the reaction been so far to Premier Ford’s move Katherine this is been a hugely polarizing issue ever since the news broke late last week and today is that tension if you will has among citizens counselors as well as candidate who want her running in this municipal election and it’s because there aren’t a lot of answers as to what exactly happens in the next couple of months leading up to Falls Municipal action at Queen’s Park earlier today a long line outside of people trying to get into question. To get some clarity and see what exactly the provincial government is saying about it I was there in the gallery as well and every single question from the opposition was attacking Doug Ford and the conservatives and their eleventh-hour decision if you will that legislation was table today but prior to that during question. And I’ve had some harsh words for duct board in the conservatives if you will have a listen he has no mandate whatsoever to inflict his own will on the people of Toronto Niagara peel and Muskoka with them anti-democratic actions that this province has seen in years when did he decide to exchanges there now Lisa we know that some of the members of do not like this idea do they have any sort of legal case here to fight this is the million-dollar question at this point just a few minutes ago actually Catherine I’m getting worried that Council voted in favor of the sea solicitor looking into what kind of legal Avenues are the city has against the province if any now candidates we know we’re also looking into the same route and really the issue comes down to a few things first this is happening in the middle of a election. And what happens to some of the candidates is really up in the air like I said earlier and the other thing is really there was no notice or some of the counselors art they want the city solicitor to explore this here’s what we’re doing Tory had to say about this but I think we should be taking a look at every possible illegal Avenue really to poop hit the pause button stop it I don’t think there’s any way we can stop it necessarily in the context of having the province not able to move forward with changes to the city of Toronto act on this or other areas but I think we sure can call into question the process here questions right now not a lot of time considering as you said Katherine the election is only a couple of months away but these candidates the citizens as well as counselors really want to know what exactly the landscape will look like going forward so an interesting couple of months that if you will come and going forward absolutely thank you for walking us through at least I was going to use Lisa Chang in Toronto so current counselors handling news of the cost of a support or oppose was the premier’s plan joining me now from Toronto a city council for Ward 39th and karagianis and City councilor forward 19 Mike Layton’s of counselor karagianis I want to start with you the justification for cutting the number of counselors more efficient decision explain to me how fewer representative presumably with heavier workloads in many cases are going to improve the decision-making process degrade myself in the counselor Laden the the new Wards 47 in the way they were going to be your portion would have my ward at work 43 to propose word with 69,000 people in downtown Wards at 30000 so this the disproportionality there so we’re going into the federal bonus provincial boundaries which are more equal we’re going to have a little bit more workload but you know what if the federal members of parliament Parliament can do it so can we I’ve done the federal work I’ve done it’s equal and I know how to do it and I’m looking forward to doing it redistribute the way that the vacation actually going to lose their words and they were made 247 in the way that the consultant brought it forward it was supposed to be all legal in 2026 well they’re not equal today this is like something like 8 years away and maybe 20 years away the federal boundaries the provincial boundaries when their distribution gets done for the commission federally there’s a deep dive they trying to make sure that there are equal numbers they try to make sure that the distance in areas outside the city of Toronto are equal so they do they’ve done this at time and time again and it’s done over 10 years federally so they do it they do it correctly and I’ll tell you one thing they do it nicely and I’m supportive of the decision to mr. Ford is putting the game it’s a little bit above our pay grade fine go ahead and challenge to go ahead and say you want to put a pause button on they try that in 97 it did not work it’s not going to work now so the sooner we become accustom to it before with the better it’s going to be what do you say to that I couldn’t agree with him more I couldn’t disagree with them or what we actually have Municipal politicians and federal-provincial politicians their work really can’t be compared we deal a lot in the day-to-day life the people were responding to emergencies are people that need our help navigating the municipal system we’re also on the front lines of the interaction between businesses and individuals and so when you look at award like mine are like other downtown Ward have a lot of Urban Development a lot of new buildings going up that takes a lot of evening meetings people and counselors and citistaff interacting to try to come up with a solution to those problem and I got to tell you that’s going to that that level of going to be reduced under the current model NN mr. karagianis is right there is some disparity in some of the wards now but we were actually look moving towards their being parody amongst that overtime so that we don’t take a moment in time now but then redraw the boundaries in a couple years there’s award in downtown Toronto that’s that’s 30,000 now but it’s going to be $60,000 5 years from now so we don’t want to continue to have to go through that very lengthy and very expensive process of redrawing the rather we went through a three-year process and then defended in court 47 wards that in fact are more reflective where are cities going then then where it’s been and I’ll remind counselor 25 on the table to mirror image the federal and I was voted against let me just remind you of that when you go to the games 225 well I ate got those phone calls and talk to people went when they call us when you sit on the number of committees that we have to sit on at the city at Ronald Leaves very little time to do some of that one-on-one engagement that that is so valuable that people I think really respect and really enjoy about the about the municipal level of government that they don’t necessarily get at the other two levels of government some of that may be that they’re their members money meetings around around in church basements around coffee a coffee shop tables about how our City’s growing people want to have that level of exit the reality is the way it’s happening too it’s just unbelievable the premier on the last date patients coming in for for for Council seat I changed the rules of the game in the middle what kind of disrespect that showed all of them Unity device used to work with your dad Federal and I have a lot of respect for for him when he was there you know what he was able to carry on the federal work in a federal politician in Municipal politician it’s a politician and at the end of the day if you cannot serve your constituents with a large extension Shake maybe you don’t you’re not worth coming back I’ll tell you one thing I’m looking forward to returning responsibilities of the problems that the responsibility of the Premier when he went to bring it on Via teca brought her in the wrong time right time this is not our decision already says your knees we agree or disagree even if we disagree what he’s doing we have absolutely no choice we we are creature of Provence the problem stick tape we have to follow So the faster that we move ahead and say okay let’s start working this time making sure the we like we are laying around your thoughts make sure that we are able to represent extension they better is going to be prayers for your writing sir your ward it’s this isn’t really going to change things all that much where is in the case of mr. Layton calculating if I understand correctly so you’re you’re now potentially really going to be fighting for reelection possibly against Joe Cressy if that if I understand correctly someone suggested that today well counseling and I have had some conversations will be having them with our community our community our Wards are actually split into two Federal riding so it’s unlikely professionally real action but when you look at my schedule I can I can that you can get my wife a call and tell her how many nights a week I’m I’m outed either development meetings or Community Association meeting I represent now 12 come together it to work together to to improve the neighborhood I would Aunt Bee on something like 20 of those that’s 20 evenings a week just on Bia is let alone the hundreds of development files that are open and I don’t know about Council karagianis to schedule couldn’t take much more certainly not a doubling in the amount of meetings that I would be expected to attend the business of the city is important we need to have people who can dedicate time Heaven counsel I have to knock him drop them down right now the only thing that we do we just a bunch of Talking Heads discussing And discussing you discussing and at the end of the day after 10 or 15 hours of discussion at city council we all agree and we move ahead the better it’s going to be people of the city of Toronto will have access to their representative and we will make things done fast enough I understand that mr. Layton and the downtown in DePere might not be supportive of people in Council will guess what then the brakes it will be able to do things faster whether or not you think that’s accurate is there any way to overturn this because all of the discussion I have suggested suggest that the province has the legal authority to do this and then any Court challenge the province has the ability to change the the city of Toronto actor what they don’t have the ability to do is plunged the city of Toronto into chaos and I really think that even counselor show the city of Toronto some respect some respect that that we in fact have started an election and it is unfair to change the rules in the middle of the game
Toronto councillors with opposing views discuss Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s proposal to reduce the size of city council.

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