Toronto police chief speaks on shooting rampage in Greektown

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Toronto police chief speaks on shooting rampage in Greektown
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throw with me is a detective Sergeant Terry Brown from the homicide Squad as well as that Bonnie Levine who runs the victim Services last night about 10 p.m. the Toronto police responded to the area of Danforth and Logan regards to a shooting incident as result as you know two people have succumb to the entries at 1 is an 18 year old female and another is a 10 year old girl at this point in time we will not be releasing the names however later on we definitely will be 13 other victims ranging in the age from 10 to 59 years old are being treated in the hospital their injuries range from minor to Serious in nature and I can tell you all family members of those other victims happy notified the person responsible for this has died and the special investigative unit will be able to provide information concerning that I will not be touching on that in any way shape or form it’s the first on behalf of the Toronto Police Service I’d like to offer my condolences to the family friends and loved ones that have been affected by this incident I’d also like to thank the members of the Toronto police service for the great work that they did along is working at ship with our Toronto fire Services as well as I trying to Paramedic Services for very outstanding job right from the month if it started to right now as we continue to do this investigation secondly the station this investigation we do no why does it happened yet the investigation itself is very fluid it is very new it’s going to take some time and because of that I’m certainly not going to invite any type of speculation I just am not in the comfort zone it’s doing that I’m some asking for your support and patience at this time I can tell you that as we have things unfold we will definitely provide you with whatever we can at that moment and last week and most importantly which is what I said last night and I’ll reiterate it going forward you can help us by calling us with any information that you may have understanding is geographical location there will be a multitude of people that were present that have information for whatever reason if they’re not disclosing at work please give that information to us we can never have enough we will open the portal on our website if you look behind the Toronto police. O n. CA forward slash Danforth shooting or you can just right TPS. Galaxy 8 forward slash dad for shooting and it will come to us that way you can send photos and videos and that will give us an opportunity if using that portal to further this investigation before I close I just want to have Bonnie Levine if you could just please come up and make a comments with respect the victim services and in what R asking for charity and we working very close partnership with the Toronto Police Service the Toronto Police Service does a great job and making sure that victims of Major Crimes and tragedies that suffered trauma get immediate access to help and assistance through through those referrals to us but you don’t have to be in touch with a trundle please to access our services we provide short-term Crisis Intervention and Assessment Services where we assess people’s needs and we provide practical assistance as well as referral to longer-term services that people made need in the community we know that these events have far raging effects we know that not only the people who were at the Danforth and in the shops and those who were who were injured and and families of those who are deceased or affect but it’s also very triggering for anyone who was at the April 23rd van attack and these situations really come compound the trauma if anyone is needing anything support our services are offered 24 hours a day 365 days a year and you can call victim Services you don’t need a referral referral from the police at 41680 a 7066 we want to make sure that anyone who needs support reaches out to get it 4th closed at this time it is going to be at some time before we release it but I just want everyone to be aware that we are doing absolutely everything that we possibly can to release that scene having understanding that the most important thing is that we capture all evidence it is necessary with regards to finding out all of the answers to all the questions but rest assured it is a priority for us to to release the scene to allow Danforth to open up again and to be open for business to have traffic flow and all those other things that have affected the community so that we can get things back and restore it to where they are and they’re I sent complexities to it right now working with the SIU they have book the Mandate making sure that we have an appreciation of that oversight we welcome that oversight but we also want to make sure that we don’t step over any lines that might compromise that aspects of the investigation as well so missing parts to this and the most important thing is that this is early right now and hopefully as time and as evidence on false we have an opportunity to provide a further information to you having said that as any questions anyone would like to ask to myself or to Bonnie LaVine or to detective Sergeant a brown who is here yes and I respect you oversight I welcome the oversight and I want to make sure that it is done by the Numbers it is a bit of a dance between the two entities or we’ve got the substantive murder investigations plus the shootings and so there has to be somewhere in concert realizing that I’ve got so many boots on the ground looking at capturing the video evidence which will help give us a bigger snapshot of the how things happened but also appreciating the fact that you know our officers work in contact that the suspect at some point in time respecting that making sure that you don’t compromise anything investigative Lee from that perspective so the relationship between the suspect and the police is what they will be investigating to look for anything from that and how that transpires so support for me to make sure that I’m complete arms like from that aspect of it and ensuring to the homicide investigation all the other substantive the charges are fully investigated so we’re doing our best to make sure that both are equally respected and in both given a propaganda Croatian yes okay I’ll get four numbers because they are a little bit complicated for me so if I’m going to talk about anyone that was struck with a bullet projectile and total 16 two people are having to come to the entries leaving 13 with being shot through in a hospital and the suspect also as gunshots injury that 16 including yes. It says the suspect has received a gunshot wound and I have not expanded on that nor will I no no it’s way too early to rule out anything that that would not be serving Justice well these investigation to end I guess with the with the speed in which information what’s right now there is this public want for consumption of as much as possible and I can appreciate that but having had knowledge of of dealing with homicide investigations it doesn’t move that quick is at the end of the day we have to be able to articulate a lot of questions that need to be and the moment you start closing things early then then you put the investigation and compromise so absolutely everything is open right now and which is why I’m doing this appeal because I will never stop in that a lot of people think we’ll have too much information because we have been such a busy area you know Evans going to kind of go out someone else is going to call and then we get that quite a bit so I’m here a second time because that is what’s most important to us right now I know that there people that have just a snippet but that’s snippet ads the seamless picture that we’re trying to dry here and in and that’s what’s most important right now well I bet loaded on that part but he was very curious what I was say I live in the city of Toronto and I to have concerns I can tell you that there is a newness to this Inn in Toronto’s environment other large cities across the world go to this at tremendously more than we have I think that we have to figure out what we can do collectively it’s going to take time there is no magic pill that we’re going to take to say all is well but I can tell you from keeping the city safe I have I think the highest highest trained officers in the country that will do their best to make sure that overtime people will climatized working with Community working with working with all levels of government I can tell you it in this particular instance all layers of government have contacted me all there’s our government ever asked what can they do to help and sore in the process of having those conversations but it’s not going to happen overnight so I’m not go but you know I’m here and I’m standing at all is well and we can all go home now that’s not what I’m saying what I’m saying is that it is going to take time to rest assured that we will do everything that we can do to restore that comfort that the people should happen City of Toronto but it is a new list for us and it’s going to take awhile and we have to work collectively to figure out what we can do as a police agency to help restore what needs to be restored on that some on that factor
Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders provides an update on the mass shooting.

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