Toronto politicians call for handgun ban after spate of shootings | Power & Politics

Toronto politicians call for handgun ban after spate of shootings | Power & Politics
Toronto politicians call for handgun ban after spate of shootings | Power & Politics
The street gang issue is alive and well. I’Ve said to you in the past: if the expectations are, they were going to arrest ourselves out of this, we simply are not. It does not work that way. Toronto is ought to set a troubling record this year and victims over the past week. Shooting incidents police say most of them are Street. Gang related is considering a national handgun bad opposes the solution. To be very Frank, it’s it’s making sure that we come down hard and heavy on on these gangs, 25 million dollars into fighting guns and gangs in Toronto, and I have all the confidence in the world in our in our police that they’re going to make sure They apprehend these people is this a problem for police to fix or for governments to discuss were joined by to Toronto City councillors. Thank you for having it is doing all that it can’t help with this problem on Michael start with, you are trying very hard if he knows that the issues is better than one-celled. At least we’ve got Bill Blair there, a fighting for us. I know that 10 years ago, but unfortunately is there looking for Boulton boats out west and when you buy a handgun, the people that West will get uptight and they were looking for those roast. So you know what we cannot have 240 shootings in 2018 and 259 shootings this year alone. The numbers have gone up, this shows, are we got to get rid of the guns and we got to go after those guns. Henry one of the things that I proposed, and it still didn’t proposed last year and community in Ayden Council in that went to Ottawa, was a a gun. The gun food be stored in a certain location, p3p participation, private public participation and if you want to get your handgun out to go ahead, shooting at me to go shooting at a gun range should go sign it out, and then you go also long guns to Be at this set this repository, so you want to go hunting. You go get your gun out. Can you bring your gun back in a lot of the handgun trailer on the street are stolen, we’re told about 50 % of them are stolen from people to the gym owners. So if you want to have that 50 % raise make sure that they are in repository and people can’t get to it, and everything we need to do is make sure that the borders are close to have more people at the border. So I propose that built in 2008 as a private member’s bill. It didn’t fly, I proposed last year, Community County Council, it past and the mirror when he wrote the letter to the back to the prime minister kitchenette. We should have a repository come from the United States. Make sure that we stop the guns from how does a ban illegal gun from coming across the border is the significant problem of where these these challenges life? Well, you know, I I think the handgun ban is going to be very difficult. I mean the gun lobby in Canada is much stronger than people think. I know I’ve tried to propose some measures. Simple measures in the past, like you, know, impounding cars that have illegal handguns can’t get anywhere. So I really think it’s a long shot and that’s why I think what we need to do is we of handguns into Toronto. The Toronto cops are doing an incredible job. They’Re putting their life and risk our residents are at risk, yet these guns keep flowing into the city, so we need the Federal RCMP border patrol. We need the old peepy to stop these damn guns from coming into our city. The Toronto police cannot do it alone. I suggested that this is something more cbsa borders at our officers at the border, that kind of thing to stop the illegal flow that their manufacturing Guns by getting Park, Amazon, they’re doing 3D police by themselves the stop the flow because they in the last 6 months, I’Ve sensed that there are more guns available, 16 year olds, with guns all over the place. I mean this is madness, so all the work we do and trying to build programs trying to give the police more resources. We are basically swimming Upstream, as these guns are out of control coming into the city and into the GTA. Something’S got to be done seriously about stopping the flow and yeah. You can ban them, but they’ll still come under cancel both of you. But I’ll start with you, can you explain what the impact has been on the people that live in your ward at and how this is? Is this changing Toronto? What time I was driving home with my mother and I was going through a Backstreet and young man came out of nowhere. I call the police come over, but people are scared. People are scared to go out. People are scared to death to go on Main Street. I mean I hope, that the taste of the Danforth has a good turnout, but because of what happened on the Danforth, a couple of people are scared and becoming like the United States. What we’re? Not the United States. We do not allow people to carry guns, but there’s legitimate gun owners should we have to address that issue. So this is why I’m still a repository is the wiggle. How would you say that the increase in shootings, or what do you special what’s happened over the past week or so it is it having an impact on the people who live in in your ward, like they’re having their bedroom window shot at people are driving up And down the streets firing people, this is like the wild west and we need to find play. Do something and, as I said, it can’t be done by tronolone that we got three million people here and we are trying to keep Law and Order In The City. The meanwhile, we have not enough horses that stop them at the border to stop the illegal sales all those days, all the good work that is being done by the committee agencies by the city programs. Social programs are being destroyed by the fact we are unable to stop these handguns from coming into our city. We must look at ourselves and say, as a country – that’s so Advanced so unsophisticated. We can’t stop these guns from coming into. We got to find a way of doing that and end it’s basically, a new era. Here is no longer the excuses of the gun lobby. Stop this madness, which is the crippling this great City, be more of our show by subscribing to the CBC News Channel or click the link for another video thanks for watching
A spate of shootings in Toronto has reinvigorated the debate over whether the city should ban handguns. The federal Liberal government won’t commit to a handgun ban, but they have said they will make gun reforms part of their election platform this fall.
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