Toronto shooting victim struggling to survive

today is my first time here says he still finds it difficult to process what happened at this restaurant Sunday night his cousin Daniel Kane and her boyfriend Jerry Pinkston we’re having dinner when they heard someone in Sean Kingston and emergency room nurse went out a side door to help paying a nursing student was right behind that’s when they came face-to-face with the shooter who was walking by he turned you may I contact with Jerry and Jerry said he doesn’t remember seeing a gun but he remembers hearing a sound effect or something and then seeing that him with his arms words him and Jerry was able to duck out of the way and that I think was the moment where Danny came to the door and just walk into that situation now Avalos says it’s not clear if his cousin will walk again she was hit in the Mine by a bullet and that’s just one of her challenges as she remains at st. Michael’s Hospital in intensive care the bullet ruptured her stomach and her diaphragm and some of the fluids from her stomach getting into the abdomen so as we speak right now her abdomen still open and there they’ve got a couple of surgeries and procedures procedures to wash it out make sure it’s clean that’s the first big hurdle for her is to heal from that which should take about 6 weeks as what I’ve heard and then there’s the injury to her spine not life-threatening but almost certainly like changing like she’s that spark plugs she’s like she’s a smile and she’s bright and colorful strong and opinionated and to think that she might not be able to do the things that she left to do like dancing is grieving families have lost daughters and and and their many serve other survivors who have to deal with this Daniels family continues to support her at her Hospital bedside and launching a GoFundMe campaign for what will be a long road to recovery
Danielle Kane is struggling to survive after being shot in Toronto’s Danforth area on Sunday. Her cousin spoke exclusively to CBC News to share Kane’s story of survival and how she’s doing now.

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