Toronto startup capitalizes on clothing rental trend to curb ‘fast fashion’

Toronto startup capitalizes on clothing rental trend to curb ‘fast fashion’
Toronto startup capitalizes on clothing rental trend to curb ‘fast fashion’
Read heart is an online registration password Bill, Finlandia women to men and rent each other father, David and making money on closet. At a time, I had a closet full of clothes and felt as if I had a into work, and yet I constantly found myself wanting to shop for more and more because I felt that fast with a future that I express myself when I look into my Closet, I realize I had such great pieces that were hardly worn. They had another extended life to them, so tried reselling app where I was getting pennies-on-the-dollar so instead I thought it was the perfect meeting between was the thought that I was letting my clothes to friends and family already, and I want to make a more fun life Process for that so that I can make real cash an expanded Beyond is my circle of friends. There is a harsh reality behind fashioned that it is the fastest growing food in the world. I stop being a fast fashion, consumer for the past 3 years and I’ve. Never felt any better cuz. I know that my daughters are now being put into better quality pieces, but also that I’m not supporting these fast fashion chains that are contained to pollute our Waters. There continue to destroy crops, but also on a human perspective. That’S my daughter’s friend supporting such human exploitation as well, have invested in fast fashion pieces that are copies of designers, can get the real thing on re heart and know that your dog is not supporting that type of devastation. We like to say that you don’t need 50 dresses anymore. You just need one dress in 50, friends on record
Twenty-two-year-old entrepreneur Vasiliki Belegrinis is behind Reheart, a clothing rental business that aims to help women buy fewer clothes and reduce the impact of clothing production.
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