Toronto tattoo shop owner helps shooting rampage victims

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Toronto tattoo shop owner helps shooting rampage victims
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we heard from the police chief a short time ago he offered a grim updates on the Danforth mass shooting the two people killed where they 18 year old woman and a 10-year old girl in all likelihood just out enjoying a summer evening and amid the chaos and find bullet people Dover cover some ended up in a tattoo shop where the owner took action to help them before first-responders arrived our Janice Golding is live with that part of the story Janice Ferndale about a block North of the Danforth and actually he left behind as you can see there are four lines of police take one just one block of Highly unusual we’re also just around the corner from the skin deep tattoo parlor the only there was just about to go home when people began running into her shop but you mentioned she jumped into action this is her story in her words we spoke to her over the phone this morning this is video shot by Tanya Wilson tattoo shop owner of last night I was actually just getting ready to leave and I heard gunshots and I went up to go see what was going on for the time I had reached halfway up my stairs there was a and a young man freaking out and have Sarah and they’re dreaming about a gun and I returned it go because I didn’t know if it was Wilson’s as soon as she realized there was a gunman on the loose and that these two young people have been shot she locked the door above the the word and I just try to keep them calm while I can try to reach police or ambulance I couldn’t hear any gunshots got much commotion and I just treating the victims but this morning Wilson says she’s haunted by all she saw honestly like I’m I don’t even think I’ve really processed it like I haven’t had haven’t gotten any sleep I just keep replaying the whole situation adding like stinky if I had left even two seconds earlier that could have been me honey but also much bravery and heroism exhibited by people like Tony Wilson
Amid Sunday’s chaos on the Danforth in Toronto, a local tattoo shop owner sprung into action, helping two shooting victims before paramedics arrived.

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