Toronto’s mayor exploring options to combat Doug Ford’s plan to reduce city council size

meantime we can tell you the mayor of Toronto John Tory who is not happy about this at all is looking for legal options to try and fight the plan by the conservative government even the mayor is admitting though he does not know what sort of realistic options he actually has four legal analysis so how this could potentially play out John mascarin is standing by Toronto he’s a lawyer who specializes in Municipal and local government great person to get on the program John thanks for this today guns and John Tory the mayor has said a referendum as well as part of that as headlines no doubt but I mean realistically what are the powers that he actually has try and stop this job what haven’t gotten a lot of play here out because I don’t want to talk about the Constitutional setting and clearly municipalities are put under the wing there under the Dominion of the provinces everyone knows that but what how many talking about is in the city of Toronto act legislation that was created by the problems it says the city and the province will have mutual respect for one another will cooperate and we’ll also salt with one another especially on matters of importance what more important could you have other than fraps getting doing away with the city then to talk about his governance structure so there was no prior consultation empirical studies no reports no evidence of this coming forward so I think if anything that’s where the city of Toronto can ground a legal argument the second thing that it can argue though forget the fact was no consultation there was no reports there was nothing to show that this was needed what about effect of representation my my understanding right now is that the city of Toronto effect of representation is in line with other major cities Montreal Calgary Vancouver you take that away and all the sudden you you buy almost completely eradicated and that might give the city perhaps a charter argument I can bring both aspects in effect of representation being done away with the fairness Doctrine and then on the other side you have lack of consultation you might have some viable legal grounds to proceed to challenge this legislation interesting so possibly a charter flight a fight as well can I ask you in terms of the actual power is John that a premier has over municipalities in any Province I mean is that a very sweeping powers I want to be clear. The premier himself or herself doesn’t have those sorts of executive powers that the premier leads the government in here in Ontario we have newly-elected PC majority government nothing wrong changing course you wanted to put in their own policy receipt there’s nothing wrong with that it’s how you do it and constitutionally it is very clear and I said this many time the province has the municipality under their wing and so it’s the Frog dictates how the municipality exist how governs and whether he continues to exist and that was made clear 20 years ago when the Mike Harris government here in Ontario came in and said we don’t want seven constituent municipalities creating the metropolitan area frontal we want one big Mega City and it was a Mike Harris government that actually said one day or and 44 members of counsel I think a lot of that has been forgotten right now one last thing just quickly John will be happy what about a referendum and again is it sounds great for people who are very angry about this but I mean is that realistic feasible legal what do you think Premier Ford has Swiss traction and mine here I don’t think he wants to wait around for any referendum and I think quite honestly when you ask for referendum it’s like trying to buy time and I think that’s what I was saying cyborg referendum aqi let’s make it bind it and I don’t think there’s anything that says that the province has to heceta that John always good to have you with us here on CTV and we appreciate you taking the time today to talk to us on this story my pleasure. Thank you John master and lawyer joining us from Toronto
Aird & Bird LLP lawyer John Mascarin says there may be some viable legal grounds to challenge reducing the size of Toronto’s city council.

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