Tory Leader Andrew Scheer campaigns in Ottawa on Day 4 of election campaign

Tory Leader Andrew Scheer campaigns in Ottawa on Day 4 of election campaign
Tory Leader Andrew Scheer campaigns in Ottawa on Day 4 of election campaign
You come out here today to support to seeing it because we are going to win seats all over Ontario all over Canada, because people are tired of Justin Trudeau, scandal-plagued government it for himself and for his add, well-connected Aleve, and they are excited about electing a conservative Government that puts you first that puts more money back in your pocket, because it’s time for you to get ahead, this ballot question is so simple. Who do you trust to leave more money in your pocket for you to get a head and I’ll? When were talking about trust? We have to bring up the snc-lavalin candle because it is still the case that Justin Trudeau refuses to allow the officials in his office to talk to the RCMP is still doing everything he can to keep the facts, but does have anything to hide. When we talk about trust, we can think about the broken promises, the fact that he said that he would balance the budget or that the budget was balanced itself in 2019. Instead, Mass deficits, which means only one thing after the election when Justin Trudeau, doesn’t need your vote, but he’s still need your money. Those taxes are going up even higher. Over 80 % of Canadian families pay over 80 % of middle-class Canadian families more in taxes. Today than they did in 2015 and its carbon tax is raising the cost of everything from gasoline to home heating to groceries and when Justin Trudeau was asked about. The high cost of gas answer was that that was exactly what he wanted. Well, millionaire liberals like Justin Trudeau, might not mind paying higher gas prices, but I know that hard-working Canadian individuals and families they don’t like to pay higher gas prices. That’S why job number one is canceling. The car text Ross are going to leave our money in your pocket by taking it just and we’re going to make materially someone who took the 97 from Billings Bridge to the cat, a town center for so many years. Yes, I used to read for more books. Bus from Ottawa self to Kanata, when I worked at the Venn Corel Centre dating myself, a little bit Compassus eligible for a 15 % tax credit – and I am so excited to make more announcements in the coming weeks – will be centered around making sure that government works For you, we know who gets ahead under Justin Trudeau. It’S millionaire companies like Loblaws that get 12 million-dollar checks because you’re paying the carbon tax, its large Industrial, close up to a 90 % exemption from that carbon tax, while you’re paying all of the costs are environmental plan, is a real plan that takes the climate change Fight Global that puts an emphasis on technology, not Suzanne tackles other important environmental issues, because it’s 2019 it’s time to finally put an end to dumping raw sewage into our rivers and lakes, and that’s exactly what a conservative government will do. Am I going to get back to balanced budget so that my kids and your kids don’t have to grow up spending their entire working lives, paying off the debt that Justin Trudeau has added to Canada’s fiscal obligations? So I’m going to make you a deal today. Alright, you get Justine elected here and I will travel across Ontario all across Canada, part to all the provinces and territories to every corner of this country. Let’S go hit a few questions here. Thank you very much. Heroin have some questions from the media today describing Faith Goldy as a girlfriend of hers, so they go up from wine and for cocktails and that she considered her to be wonderful, wondering how you felt about your candidate having that kind of relationship with somebody who’s been Banned from Facebook for offensive hate speech and for someone who many people considered to be a white supremacist, of course, I let my statement on that issue speak for itself. I have obviously made it clear that I won’t have anything to do with that individual. Do this from liberals from now until election day, trying to do everything they can to distract from their leaders, lies their leaders, broken promises and the fact that their leader, Justin, Trudeau, still has not come out to denounce anti-semitic statements from one of his candidates continue to Focus on the issues that are important to Canadians, making life more affordable, making sure that our government lives within its means to put more money in their pockets that they can get ahead. Your candidate there about whether or not she has been rejected by the Ontario. Are you concerned about the fact that she was giving a red light by the candidate in question I withdrew from the nomination race this year? Are you not to in a way something some of the comments they have made? Well, every party has an obligation to ensure that their candidate words are made comments that are just defamatory or there are some shoes that are raised. Well, our candidates did the right thing and do apologize for those words.. You said she submitted I’d, never taken responsibility for his own actions, thirty-seven or thirty-eight days until October 21st. There is some possibility of the team said that the Canadian people on their principal residence are you eating, Canadian before 2015? No intention of doing after he gets elected? Very important member of carbon Liberal Party semester start date for the liberal party and it’s clear they will need more money and have to raise taxes or are considering. This is a high-profile liberal when they say that they’re not going to do something because we’ve seen this before in 2015, they said they were going to lower taxes on middle-class Canadians. In fact, they raise taxes. Katherine McKenna was asked point-blank whether or not she would raise the carbon tax after this election, and she ran away said that she couldn’t answer that question, because she was worried about winning her seat. So it’s quite clear that, in order to win their seats and win this election, they were prepared to say anything, but we can be darn sure that after the election, when they don’t need the votes at Cannes, but they still need the money. This is why they are going to bring forward ideas – I guess, and homeowners or accounting on the sale of their home when they reach the retirement age or or couples who have had to switch jobs or move due to factors. That means they’ve only been in their home for a short pier time. Under the Liberals, they will have to pay to higher taxes. Racist images at statements have you seen these are you concerned about it and you still stand beside her. The candidate point. The fact that question has address these types of things. She has reiterated a her support for a multiculturalism, small face and all backgrounds, and she has expressed regret for some of the things you should share the past, and I accept that from her and – and I would again point out the fact that, unlike our Campaign, which Is being open and transparent with Canadians when these things are Justin, Trudeau and his senior officials were working to keep hitting the anti-semitic comments of a candidate in Montreal? That candidate himself blew the whistle on the fact that all of his anti-semitic remarks were well known to Justin, Trudeau and those senior officials and we’re trying to come up with some kind of a scheme that I keep them hidden hidden or deal with the comms problem. If they ever came to light, so that’s a clear contrast between their campaign are campaign. Massage Club dress, the matter of that were shared in the past for the type of messages she put out there between our contract. Our campaign campaign because Bernard to hide the anti-semitic messages and he had so the contrast between the when you’re saying you were going to join forces to go against Justin Trudeau, several of those premiers, another conservative leader, Nova Scotia, say they won’t campaign for you. This. This campaign, what do you say when you take away from that? Turbotax is being opposed. We have all been very clear that we are going to work hard to fight back against the carbon tax. The good news is that on October 21st, those Premier streamers of Saskatchewan Manitoba Ontario in New Brunswick, will not have to fight the carbon tax, because job number 1 of a conservative government is going to be to cancel the carbon tax premieres of the provinces that are Opposed to the carbon tax – and we will continue to do that, but the good news for all the provinces, where the carbon tax has been imposed by the federal government. Carbon tax because of conservative governments are first bill, introduced a bill to cancel the carbon tax. I’M assuming your your team would have known that she did have a friendship with faith goldy and given the controversy around Faith Goldy, did your team ask her if she still friends with this individual that issue here this morning she has, I put out a statement that Addresses that so I’ll, let I’ll let that speak for itself and we’re all going out to do other activities on the campaign. 2 types of things today you talked about refugees crossing the border at the specifically and took it back, and you said: four people have to wait longer because Summer skipping the line and jumping the queue with are coming into Canada. I’M wondering why you say skipping the queue, because there is, there is no cure. They’Re, clearly limited resources that a government has to provide to refugees when they come to Canada. The point I’m making is that, when someone crosses in from upstate New York, that is a different type of thing. Then, when someone is waiting in a refugee camp, when someone would be killed, they left the camps when they’re fleeing Civil War and natural disasters. That is the point I was making in that we have a system in this country, where the expectation is that when people have arrived at a country where there are no longer facing that type of persecution that they make their Refugee claim, their is the case for Official border crossings all across this country – and that is something that needs to be addressed so that we don’t have thousands and thousands of people crossing over into Canada between official border crossings. Wayne Akers the pain is something quite different in New York. Is there a difference between Singapore and refugee camps or natural disasters? Are civil war delivery services to people., and it’s not
Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is campaigning in Ottawa with his candidate Justina McCaffrey, promising to bring back balanced budgets. See where party leaders are on the fourth day of the election campaign:

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