Tower block living: We’re not slum people – BBC News

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Tower block living: We’re not slum people – BBC News
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is not slam everybody that lives here we’re not like some people the very top cuz I can be the queen I’m here because I want to see my son in a better life that I never have in Jamaica that measures just do when people drive cost these block I think they think of us like like it like slum but it’s not cuz you got beautiful families living in in in these blocks you got the other mental patients and all of that but you got decent people living in the blocks and this hair is my room and the first thing that makes me sad in this room is the most right there that runs all the way over there the state of the blocks are deplorable we haven’t had a black uplift in like yours I want a nicer Renovations for them to mention like change the walls and stuff and upgraded kitchen I guess cuz we have a storage yes it’s a little bit tough to put stuff in at the moment I cannot work because I’m I’m not from here and I’m trying to get myself started being that I’ve got two kids that depend on me and my my paperwork is in the OA waiting. So instead of sitting home I volunteered my time in the the school that my children attend okay I’m happy wherever we are with my kids because it’s not where you live that makes a person is how you live green is not the trees Big White Mansion in Queens house let me know Sana Shaikh from mine to them every week we met and go over anybody have any case of Maintenance so any repairs that haven’t been done but today when I’m not like that Applejack is there any spent on my bills which is top priority of course for the revive my hat and my son’s head but I think this is Skype you so important to have about God to add this is the other side of life blood in urine it’s disgusting my favorite favorite lesson is English and I like but I really don’t like history file of ICT as well like I want to be Eva a farmer or a vet because I rarely have animals I teach them a great way of life which I’m trying to do now I think they will take some of what I give them and use that when they’re growing up you could live in hell with the devil and you will do great if you’re a great parent and that’s it I’m currently using the information I official report it will be emailed Iverson accounts then we will keep coffee outside will hopefully get a response and I never responds we have to sleep on the floor we have to put the mattress on the floor me and my son you know making him feel like it’s making a camping so we will get there one day. nobody wants to be unlikely 51 players doing nothing I like that and that’s what’s killing me up going to do something I want to I want to walk I want to contribute to the community from Emmaus is a nice place on a place I’m happy to be around and I’m happy to leave in the community I am the people that I’m working with or being around they’re all good people the time it can be quiet and negative mating because we have repair issues or you never listen throughout the Flop somehow we always manage to come out it’s risky for us some of the times cuz people think that we’re Infamous the police but we’re not oldies of the agency’s I have to get stuck in and do it recycle bring people together like we are all one family we are all one people in community Community integrated like people that will grow close to here and it’s hard where we going to be mad stay how much of a choice we got us to where we guy and what property we got its checked my son school or is it going to affect my life in general around my son’s also I think that’s something we all have to look at New Madrid somebody’s mental health issues let me see it let me see it one take away 3/7 and you have to make this 7/7 depression for me is a real thing I never knew that I could have been depressed cuz I think I’m a tough person but I felt it so bad that like these that I would even clean my house because as a single mom you have to have this like backbone then so to speak it have to be like a strong room HobbyKids escape from a concrete. Sometimes you just hit it that’s the most part that’s going to affect me though or should I take in all the good life is going to have no education thank you Lord from him that’s going to break me I’m saving it because I’ve never I’ve never had a response back from the counselor about a report before ever I’m building can 5 web together block Champions and the council anything that we found in the blocks we can report straight to that I’m a champion and he will be on it he will be on top of it today we should have results for the residents and pipe flavor my biggest Drive is Cinema I’ve got my keypad for my son he’s growing up you can tell what’s going to happen tomorrow I would love to see your achieved as much as you can and the little one the same and me being the best mom in the world to them and that’s it there’s nothing I can hold 4 anyway just to be the best mom ground Troop
Meet Tamika, Sarah and Lamin who are trying to make 15 high-rise blocks in Birmingham a better place to live.

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