Toxic Tears on what it’s like for her being a goth- BBC News

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Toxic Tears on what it’s like for her being a goth- BBC News
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hi my name is Kai Lily you might know me online as toxic tears and I’m a full-time YouTuber from Belfast get a lot of their work from James Bond because I’m not friends with one thing or that my alternative lifestyle with damage their brand dial are they first started dressing you know sort of weird I suppose the second I would love to pick my own clothes mean a bad relationship their parents all that kind of thing and it turned really true Rock stuff being a group of friends were attacked and I had to go to hospital with one of my friends and she ended up with like a severe concussion they tried to tear out her piercings and Stephanie them hit her over the head like a full beer bottle even the past 10 years I’ve noticed Belfast become more accepting I used to get attacked but it’s scary just because you like to dress a little bit different than the norm that that can happen people don’t actually have to get dressed up and go out to the golf club together and go out and do highlights on together they can kind of do everything online I think because there is so much you know hatred and stuff for people who dress differently LOL rely on the internet for their interaction so I died but I’m seeing them on my Instagram
Kaya Lili is a YouTuber from Belfast with more than 300,000 subscribers; online, she goes by the name Toxic Tears.
She told BBC News NI what it’s like for her being a goth in 2018.
Video journalist: Jordan Kenny

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