Tracking Ontario budget cuts to health care, education and more | Power & Politics

Tracking Ontario budget cuts to health care, education and more | Power & Politics
Tracking Ontario budget cuts to health care, education and more | Power & Politics
During the campaign I committed to finding $ 0.04 on every dollar that we spend to protect our core services, we have to find small efficiencies, across-the-board it it’s not sustainable, but no one would lose their jobs in the meantime, what his government delivered its budget this spring, That later to plan to get back to balance by 2023 in the weeks since that budget, there has been no cry and protests across the province has more details of announced on a range of program. So we know that we’ve been learning about these kind of Drip by Drip by drip over the past ever since the budget was actually introduced. Let’S go through. Some of the key areas are seeing those cut the beginnings. Education teachers have been given layoff notices across Ontario. Why would a government has a Target over the coming years of nearly 3,500 teaching positions that they want to eliminate? The biggest impact is in the high school’s class size average in Ontario, secondary schools is going to go up by about 25 %. The government looks in the bottom line that they’re spending more on education when you consider the fact that there’s enrollment growth there actually spending less per pupil, but it’s down by little over $ 50 per student find to allow them to a protection jobs. If they don’t have enough teachers leave the profession or retire to replace him, so we’re really only going to get a sense of that come September when, when school resumes Public Health Cuts, specifically, we saw 10 former Health Minister signed a letter complaining about those cuts. Tell us a bit about those what’s happening. Are two hundred million dollars? Is the plan for cutting a within the public health sector in that’s important because of Public Health is actually Ministry by the municipality, so they’re, the ones who are feeling the pinch, in particular bureaucracy? In Ontario and they say that they’re going to be able to save money by reducing duplication and thanks, but we’ve we’ve already seen some Cuts in funding to certain areas. So the government’s Health policy, Andre programs being reduced by a little over 50 million dollars, ehealth Ontario, which is supposed to bring technology to the Healthcare System. Its budget is being cut by 20 %, but those are some of the more vocal critics of of these Cuts. Even everything from education to Public Health, here’s a sample of what one thing more letters and envelopes and females and smoke signals saying that there’s cost to everything. So what are some of the concerns coming from municipalities? Mike is the beginning of the year they were going to calendar your system, so they feel that their Blind Side, the government’s now all of a sudden, expecting them to change their budgets Midway through their own fiscal year. The Target that the government has all that much are running pretty lean operations and that this would have to eat into some of their new key services that they offered like policing, which is one of the most expensive. Things added up the figures. And they say that the funding cut and a reduction in plan Revenue that they were going to get from the from the government is nearly $ 180 budget in between Toronto and the province has become inflated under John Tori, which would she obviously disputes anyway. Some of the bigger areas, but there are a lot of smaller, more incremental Cuts elsewhere. Can you go over some of those things that you found out about? There was a program to plan to 50 million trees across the province. That was that was cut of an interlibrary loan servicer that brought loans. I brought books between libraries in rural areas that their funding cut in half of stem-cell research. There was a big cut in funding to artificial intelligence research. As we’ve been hearing about these things. It’S been a bit of a kind of Death By A Thousand Cuts, because the government is trying to spread things out, find these efficiencies in various places. But what what it seems to be doing a bit is making him enemies in a in a bunch of different places contradicting the opposition to the terminology. They say this: this isn’t there are cutting spending more on health and education. Here is one conservative MP, Stephen lanshe on our shoulder earlier this week, saying exactly that: every single area, from Long-Term Care for Seniors to mental health from most vulnerable to those who are trying to get a Quality Healthcare without having me being in a whole way. We are adding money every step of the way in education and this year, so help us understand. That is a factor in inflation factor in population growth and what they’re spending per person actually decreasing. I know – and you don’t take my word for it: the financial accountability officer, the Ontario equivalent of the Parliamentary budget officer, looked at the numbers and and they’re forecasting that actually, what you’re going to see is a 10 % hot in per-person spending, his Ontario already per Capita spending on provincial government services on whether or not this has had a political impact for them. What kind of reaction have ontarians had to this to the budget and what’s happened since eating away pools in a row of ashy that have indicated that the PCS have shrunk in their overall support down to about the 30 % mark from around 40 %, that they Got in the last election, so that would kind of indicate that some of those swing, voters that came to the PCS to kick Kathleen Wynne in the Liberals are feeling that you know they’re not so pleased with. What’S going on you don’t remember, these had campaigned on a promise to balance the budget through efficiencies right, but those efficiencies are turning into actual clean cuts, and maybe it’s maybe there’s less waste going on within this provincial government. Then the PC seem to indicate at least during the campaign hosts of Power & politics, see more of our show by subscribing to the CBC News Channel or click the link for another video. Thanks for watching
Premier Doug Ford says his government has found millions of dollars worth of efficiencies in order to start balancing Ontario’s budget, but critics have slammed his spending plan for cutting important funding programs, such as health and education.

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