Tracy McGrady: 76ers’ first road win was NOT a turning point | The Jump

Tracy McGrady: 76ers’ first road win was NOT a turning point | The Jump
I want to take everyone back to a simpler time, last frame when people were arguing over the definition of the word rookie when we thought Bryan Colangelo only had one Twitter account when you hear the name, JR Smith and only thought throwing soup and not forgetting the Score Batman, the Sixers were on one of the more fun regular-season runs in recent years, right with fans turning every home game into a party. The team headed into the playoffs on a 20 +, 3 tear winning its final 16 straight and hey. Would you need Andi, Mack salary slot available in the summer? Philadelphia appear toys to at least make a run at the top of the Eastern Conference. Mountain now fast forward to this fall ownership waited a long time to officially fill their open GM spot, and the team not only missed on any big free agency swing, lost out on retaining some of the shooting muscle that have filled out. The roster of the change is also just a reflection of how expectations change. It’S no longer just a wonderful surprise when I’m being stays healthy for a bunch of games in a row, it’s expected Simmons doesn’t just get to be a remarkably heading rookie. Everyone is happy to watch he’s a heady NBA player who still needs to develop markelle fultz. Well, all he wanted last season was to be a regular NBA player, but now that he is that has opened him up to tremendous group me, especially when you look at his shooting numbers that shooting percentage from inside the ark that is dead. Last in the least, among guys who regularly see the floor accordingly, discussions abridged on whether he’s earned his starting spot in the lineup for the JJ Redick is replacing them and start tight. Specially wait from home going into last night’s game in Indiana still owe and 5in road games and have been particularly embarrassing, Brooklyn losing to the nest by 25 and with injuries during a pile up. Not much better was expected against the Pacers. The best games can break out when expectations are just what they are and everyone is allowed to remember. This is well I game, look at this excerpt energetic from the start, and they stay buoyant when they would even withstanding a second quarter. Blistering attack from Victor Oladipo, coach, Brett Brown’s experimentation was staggering Simmons of bolts for much of the game that is continuing to pay off and close, look much more comfortable overall defensively. The reason the second half, but his reactions were just as big. You could just see him getting so excited and it’s Emma’s will later put it quote. We just had fun which egg knowledged Heaven All to wear this season. Look last night’s game is watershed moment or the Sixers going to return to that confident boisterous group was all a spring exactly you don’t go backward in the NBA and you only get to be fresh-faced upstarts once, but perhaps their morphing into something else. It’S also interesting with a pinched nerve selves, a pinch of what they’ve learned now and if it’s a promise for the future, you think I was going to ask you if you think this was a turning point for them. This is my worried about this scene with not getting better in the offseason that actually gotten worse, not bringing these guys back me as a possibility that they possibly laying big-time free agent. Yes, they had last year. I do should I just think they took a step back. You have a lot of none shooting on this team. Now you look at Ben Simmons and you look at Four Season. Guys played both of the minutes and neither one of these guys can’t chew. There’S a hell of a playmaker hell of a basketball player, but if he’s out there with markelle fultz he’s making plays for a guy that can shoot the ball. So sorry it has to step up and make shots for these guys. Jj Redick has to be who he is in order for them to get back. Signature wins throughout the season that can boost your confidence and the signature win for them. They mean they go on the road Indiana and you have to where you get that one Wednesday in a difficult place to play in a place you haven’t won and then suddenly, this person winning streak. If you guys feeling good about themselves and they keep it going throughout the course of the season, so this could be that game for them. You know against a quality Club. You know they’re better than a lot of these teams in the Eastern Conference, even if they only have two All-Stars and you were considered a top 40 mini stroke, Indiana Indiana going to be fighting for that top for seed along with Philly all-star teams in the top Right now, what am I going to have to All Stars this season, and then you could see brown starting to stagger them more, and you can take a look at the numbers here when they’re both playing right when Simmons just on the court with salted or when They’Re both off and end with Markel. If you look at him, he looks so much more comfortable when he’s not playing with that, and that is not a knock-on, certainly band the Rookie of the Year or the two of them in terms of chemistry. They both like to do the same thing with the ball. Well, that’s the problem. No problem, I mean they just need more Shooters around MP3. They don’t have shooting that’s the problem. That’S why I’m saying to call about the makeup, so they could work. They can’t work right now when is that going to happen? Right, of course, is not maybe the same player three or four years ago, but he can still shoot
Rachel Nichols of The Jump details the struggles of the Philadelphia 76ers early in the 2018-19 NBA season, with Joel Embiid starring but Ben Simmons still struggling with his jumper and Markelle Fultz not living up to his No. 1 draft pick slot, before winning an impressive road game vs. the Indiana Pacers. Tracy McGrady and Paul Pierce then discuss whether this was a turning point for Brett Brown’s group, with Dario Saric playing particularly well but now without Marco Belinelli and Ersan Ilyasova.

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