Trailblazer: Facing prison sentence for removing my Hijab – BBC News

Trailblazer: Facing prison sentence for removing my Hijab – BBC News
When I wear hijab, it’s like I’m restricted, I’m depressed, but when I don’t wear her job and it’s like I’m free when I decided to take it off in public, it wasn’t like. I have a power and I can bring back my dignity. I remember women without a job since last year I was not wearing headscarf on purpose, I’m just a normal housewife, I’m just the normal, and I want to do something for my rights on the 27th of December, as usual, there were lots of photos of women wearing White or saying some sentences about to compose a head job, but among them there was a picture of a girl to a very crowded Street, got up on a utility box and wave hair white off on a steak like a white flag. She was on that box for almost half an hour and after that, when she came down, they arrested her. She was in reason for 1 month. For me, it was the symbol of civil disobedience in a very beautiful way. I asked other women from now on. Let’S start white headscarf on the sticks, so the street is started. I was just moving that white flight for almost 5 6 minutes and then the police car came and they arrested me. I was interrogated for almost 2 3 hours. They knew who I was because of my Instagram page. They try to force me to tell I was a spy. I was Furious. I was scared, 10-day call for some lady officers. Suddenly I was lying on the ground and she was hitting my face and she was grabbing my my hair with one hand and, and there were lots of bruises on my face. I wasn’t reason for 7 days and I was on hunger strike for 5 days. After a 2-3 weeks, I went to that office to get back my mobile phone. I got arrested, they arrested my husband. He was waiting for me Industries. We were in interrogation room for almost 24 hours. It was actually the first time I saw fear in my husband’s face, but the prosecutors decided to let us free because they didn’t have anything in May I went to Carson City with my nine-year-old son and one of my friends and one day we went to a Park also, we were wearing and beautiful, head Garland and very happy. Next day, 5 police officer came to arrest.. I just asked my friend to take care of my son. The guard pointed the toilet. I went there and she’s yeah you’re going to spend the first night there. It was like it literally Rock beside a toilet. I do know, I couldn’t even see it. I was in caution for nine days and I wasn’t hungry strike for 9 days after the second arrest and the third one and meanings concussion I was, I realize there is no law and they can do anything with you and then I was. I was so scared of my life out of my son’s life. I was given number of a man who could help me get out of the country when I called him, and he told me you have it’s the perfect time if you want to go out and you have 2 hours to leave and at first I was shocked And they said I’m going to do it. Leaving my husband’s behind is is was excruciating. I only had two hours to leave the house, so I I just took a few items and toothbrush a simple phone and it’s on the screen and my son classes just that. I had proper her job because I didn’t want to attract any attention. I took a look at my house, my life. I was living in that house. I don’t know for 12 years and I had my baby. I just took a few items with me, and that was it. That was the only things I could take with me and I left apps 89 hours to the Border when it was around midnight. The guy to the mountain I was shaking and when I was climbing the mountain it was just the sound of my heartbeat. The guy told me what’s going on with your heart, I can. I can hear your heart relax, I’m going to help you and I was holding him like he was my my best friend or my brother, or something when we got to the top of the mountain. It was like daylight. It was Moon and floodlight of the stations. Christie did color of the flowers I could. I could see the shape of the flowers, they were beautiful, the whole heel covered with flowers, and now that I see this beautiful scenery, I’m leaving this. For the last time the guy told me you’re safe now, you’re, not in the Iran anymore. I told a guy came to the host and and the guy be careful she’s. Like my sister, I had another I guess 1 hour and a half of horse riding to get to Village. I used to wear makeup and hardly go out and explore the city walking around the city. But now I’m like an illegal person hiding in her room when the news of me are leaving the country came out. There were lots of backlash from government supporters and also anti-government the most difficult days of my life. I respect the women who choose to wear hijab and I’m really happy for them and I support them, but I want them to understand and respect your choice. I know that the women inside Iran are going to be brave enough to support each other. Nobody can put out this little flame, it will grow around towards a little by little in all countries. Women are getting back the rights and it’s time for Iranian women, and they can stop us
Shaparak Shajarizadeh, a woman from Iran who protested against compulsory hijabs

Shaparak is a headscarf protester who has managed to escape Iran after being imprisoned.
She is currently in Canada, hoping to get refugee status
The protests against compulsory hijab in Iran began after people online shared the act of the Iranian woman Vida Movahed, who stood in the crowd on a utility box in the Enghelab Street on 27 December 2017, tied a white headscarf to a stick, and waved it to the crowd as a flag.

Her action has led to wide-spread protests by women in Iran.

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