Trailblazers: The Irish mother who exposed a cervical cancer scandal – BBC News

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Trailblazers: The Irish mother who exposed a cervical cancer scandal – BBC News
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Trailblazers: The Irish mother who exposed a cervical cancer scandal – BBC News
In her Darkest Hour, Vicki feeling took on the Irish government and one they were expecting a very sick woman are are earlier than she did. Eliza. She says: how do you have the pancake until recently, Vicki was a normal mummy, a mother living with her family on the west coast of Ireland. Her journey to Trailblazer begins in 2011 when she routine smear test for cervical cancer screening. I hear movement. I think this time it was bad news, but he was diagnosed with cervical cancer treatment and finished up his given the all-clear in 7:15. Sadly, it came back, and in January this year, Vicky received the worst news. Now it was terminal. What means this is this? The end knock yourself and people say me on my legs went out from under me, or I know what that actually feels like my legs are Leslie. I thought I was going to faint. My legs. Were wobbly really couldn’t breathe cost of an area where I could go to the toilet? Before I went back out to Two-Face my mother and my daughter, and I had to cry and cry and cry my eyes out, who’s going to die, biggie discovered something all day in her medical file. Cervical check is the company that runs Arlen smear test because of her 2014 diagnosis. The company took another look at her original test from mm 11. This time they concluded they’re humping cancer report that I had cancer in 2011 query, Maybe black and white. This was telling me I had cancer, Not only was older than she thought there had been a mistake and didn’t tell her for 15-month learned is that if my smear in 2011 have been correctly red, I would have just have had to have a hysterectomy back in 2011, Mike answer would have been contained within my cervix and I would have had a 95 % chance of being cured and I want to be in a terminal cancer position that I am now to my family. My friends and my supporters was supported. My decision to take this case as a time whenever you should be concentrating on my health. I would not have been able to do this without you. Vicki sue the American of our tree that cervical check use to perform this mirror test for withholding the information from her and after several offers, half million euros bus with no admission of liability offset me Asian women dead. You know 20. We all need know about these women because Vicki refuse to let the Health Service hush up the whole Affair. It wants me to sign a nondisclosure agreement, so they want to gag me basically – and I refused, I said no way – I’m doing this, because at that point I knew that they were 10 other women that needed to be told the same information that was withheld from Me by refusing to sign the NDA, the court papers were made public and Vicki expose the scale of the crisis. In Ireland screening program 1 women with cervical cancer should have received earlier treatment. 20 women have now died. Vicki is on her way to meet the husband of one of those women 422 year old boy. Steven teeth is a man-in-the-middle of a woman’s health scandal, room full of people. I would think together, Steven and Vicky have founded a support group for all the victims of the cervical check controversy. You know I wanted to be in vain, Stevens, wife, every single woman in Ireland, because they don’t know right now. Can they trust the last minute they hide and you blame them when they see people like me on the TV or the weed Irene story in Dublin campaigners are remembering the women who have died so far. There also demanding more support from the government serious. In the meantime, live when I’m angry that the Irish Health Service Act on this information, when women could have been receiving treatment and intervention could have came a lot sooner and they could stay here today to Stand United. What a senseless, how many more Vicky roots are up there? We shall know how many have not yet been contacted after Vicky success in core chair review. High huge failings in the screening program run by cervical check, so the father from me breaking my story and not signing that non-disclosure agreement has resulted in two very senior people within our every child service losing their jobs. Danelle, compelled to tell patients any information about their Health and they were supposed to apologize, the other big one. That’S what we’ve achieved is that stays have agreed to pay for the immunotherapy drug that I’m on, even though the drugs are not even cervical cancer. The massively, but I think cervical cancer is a disease that touches the lives of so many women, as Vicky has found That I wanted to write to you. Thank you, the bottom of my heart, the enormous service you have done for the women of Ireland. You could have signed a gagging order and do didn’t you could have given up and you didn’t without you. None of us would know the truth. On behalf of myself, my mother and my sister is my daughter and all the women of Ireland. We applaud you for your bravery, like this lots of those, and I really want to go there after 5 drug that she’s on her tumor has already shrunk by 50 %, but you know I don’t know how many more days of this. I have simple as that to know when you’re giving it to you just have to enjoy every day, so I do Vicki has no idea how much time she has left, but she can be assured that her struggle with the Irish government has truly made a difference.
Vicky Phelan is an Irish mother of two who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer after receiving false smear test results.

It was Vicky who exposed the cervical cancer scandal in Ireland in April when she settled a High Court action for €2.5 million.

After settling her case against the Health service and American Laboratory (who the tests were outsourced to) she refused to sign a confidentiality agreement.

It has now emerged that 162 women with cervical cancer had not been informed about the past false tests.

Of 209 women who could have had earlier intervention, 20 have died. Vicky has said ‘I don’t want my death to be in vain’ and has been campaigning to bring the cover up to light and get justice for the women involved.

Because of her work Health Minister Simon Harris has launched an inquiry into the controversy, and mandatory disclosures have been introduced.

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