Train accident on Danish bridge kills six – BBC News

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Train accident on Danish bridge kills six – BBC News
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Train accident on Danish bridge kills six – BBC News
6 people reported to have been killed in that these 16in in a train crash in Denmark. The incident happened on the great belt Bridge connecting the Danish islands of Zealand and food on the bridge has not been shot with reports that people are being evacuated. No pools is yet known for the crash, but early indications suggest objects with a cargo train hit. A passenger train on route to Copenhagen in a heavy storm emergency services are reportedly struggling to reach the train, who is a local journalist in Copenhagen, where the passenger train was heading. I asked him about the rescue effort, the bridge and basically it’s a huge breaking that markets 10 miles. Long 1.6 of the miles is a hanging Bridge every year. Easton, the waist of the country would be like a bridge connecting island with England. Crossing yellow man live British Open after storm call Alfreda during the night at 7. This morning, at 7:35, the cover of the taskbar back in held off and the penis was hitting the train and basically caused the accident. Now traffic is slowly moving again and slowly slowly. Getting the traffic to move again, but this is still very, very, very, very big and confusing and families and rescue number that you can call sing pictures of the toppling on the side of those trains transporting Carlsbad Katie. We can see from the the rising on the size of the toppling. The toppling is is just tone. How much are the socks with the weather being what what’s happened here on the side of the Brave showings, probably why the traffic was still moving, but the wind has just been too strong for the for the kasbah reckons.
Six people have been killed and 16 injured in a train accident on the Great Belt Bridge in Denmark.
Rail network officials said debris from a freight train – possibly a tarpaulin – hit a commuter train during a heavy storm, forcing it to brake suddenly.
There were 131 passengers and three crew on board.

The debris struck the commuter train – running from Odense to the capital Copenhagen – at about 07:35 local time (06:35 GMT).
Images from the scene show containers on the freight train with their sides torn off.

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