Train collides into car in Georgia, kills 3 people

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Train collides into car in Georgia, kills 3 people
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a vehicle collides with a train killing three people but go straight to Christie Ethridge live near the tracks in South Fulton Chrissy this is a really sad story this is the intersection where that happened where at Buffington Road and Roosevelt Highway for women were in the car trying to cross these tracks and as of now only one of them have survived police say this happened around 4 yesterday afternoon so it was daytime this is video of that mangled car it’s hard to look at what did the tell us there were other cars stopped and waiting for that train to pass but apparently according to the witness this car full of women didn’t wait or go around bars in try to beat the train and the train was already there and I just seen the train and hit the car so the people down the street I got out my car ran to the car and it was for women in them police have not yet released the name of the three women who have died and they have not yet confirm to is officially at fault here
3 women are dead and 1 remains hospitalized after a train hit a car in Atlanta, Georgia. No train passengers were injured.

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