Train derailment near hamlet of Irvine, Alta., prompts evacuation

Train derailment near hamlet of Irvine, Alta., prompts evacuation
Train derailment near hamlet of Irvine, Alta., prompts evacuation
Breaking news out of Alberta: there has been a train derailment in the southeast of that Province Now official say because it involves a chemical exposure. Everyone near the Hamlet of Irvin is being asked to evacuate other details at this stage. Stephanie. What do you know? What we do know is that this train derailment happened around 3:20 local time on the west side of the community of Irving Alberta, that’s about 3 hours, southeast of Calgary, about 20 min outside of Medicine Hat near the Saskatchewan border and all residents within the 6 and 1/2 kilometer radius of this area are being asked to evacuate in part of the trans-canada. Highway is closed as well, and the concern, as you mentioned, is for possible chemical Bossier. Now, let’s have a look at the pictures that we have found from the scene of these pictures were taken by someone at the scene and posted to social media, and they show train cars piled on top of each other. Some damage to the tracks police on the scene tell CBC that 12 to 15 real seem to have left of the tracks and they may have been containing flammable cargo, and we know that this was a CP train, see if he has released a statement saying approximately 3:20, local time the CP Train derailed east of urban CP has dispatch teams to the site 300 people who live in that Hamlet of Irvin, but we don’t quite know how many in that surrounding areas. So far, we have heard no immediate reports of any injuries. Residents are being asked to report to an emergency reception sin at the Cypress County Administration office in the community of Dunmore. We don’t really know at this point what that train was carrying. As we said, officials say there is that risk of chemical exposure. That’S why they’re asking people to avoid that area and to leave that area the province’s can all residents to follow directions from their local authorities for their own safety. This is still a developing situation at this point to Tasha and we will bring you the latest information. As it comes to us, 10 is under an evacuation order. Our next guest lives near the train tracks where the derailment happened. Jennifer radisic joins me now on the phone Jennifer. Are you in Irving right now at about 3:30 this afternoon? Okay, so take me through what happened you did. You did not witness the train derailment did you know we were actually in our backyard and I heard a loud noise and Beyonce. I was on the back and our neighbor actually said the train just derailed. So we got in our car and we went to check it out and yeah. It was quite a sight to see we’re taking a look at pictures, only got a handful of pictures and you were actually able to see it described that for us there was fire smoke. I could see the train derailed. It looks like about 15 to 20 cars. All piled up on each other and at that point in time my most cuz, my biggest concern was a fire because it was the wind was literally coming right towards the town, and so fire Crews got there really quickly and douse the plane. So we were thankful for that, but then there was like a white smoke emitting from the area. That’S actually we went home and we were told by this guy that we had to get out right now and who is this guy? I don’t even know who it was so someone just contacted you and said it’s time to leave. She stopped us in our vehicle on our way home. Okay, yeah. Where are you now we’re in Medicine Hat we already checked in at the Cypress County and Red Cross? Is actually going to be setting us up with a hotel tonight? Okay, that’s good to hear I want to go back to when you were still in Irving and you saw the fire and the smoke is drifting towards your area, able to smell anything because we’re hearing these reports and he’s concerned about chemical exposure smell like smoke. To me, so I’m not sure what it is exactly they’re, not saying haven’t been told anything. We’Ve just been told that it’s hazardous material and that within a six and a half hour radius has been evacuated. Residence of your cognac. Are you all in Medicine Hat right now right now? So how are you guys feeling I never been in a situation like this before so it’s it’s definitely different source of information alter tonight location Red Cross actually happened. I’M not really. I know they were working last night and my fiance said he saw them actually working on that area this morning. So I don’t have a clue. What about the locals? Are the local city council anyone they’re getting in touch with you know, and how does that make you feel a little lost? I’M not sure we just moved there, the beginning of July and from what I’ve been told like at Cypress County Office, some of the neighbors there, who have lived there for more years, actually said that there has been derailments before okay, so two things there. I want to clarify you’ve just been living in that area for a month, and this happened it’s okay in the past. No in the past, when there were derailments, were they handled professionally that people feel cleaning up the mess. So I mean we’ve been reassured that it’ll probably be just tonight that were evacuated from the Red Cross County people that are there. Okay have a two year-old. It did you say it’s your daughter. How is she doing I’m sorry about her health or safety? She’S? Okay, right in the sense of concern, are you physically, okay or the people you know going around you? Okay? Yes, absolutely I’m glad to hear that you haven’t heard anything as far as I can see about injuries, but it is remarkable. The images that we’re seeing of the train derailment and also some of the pictures we see trucks there, so I don’t know whose trucks arrived after or they happen to be there. Any sense of anyone has been injured. Not really. All I do know is that both sides of the highway, because people were rubbernecking right, so there was accidents on both sides of Highway – one – oh, my goodness, not because of the derailment, but because people wanted to look at the derailment, absolutely okay. So this is a Trans, Canada, Highway section I imagine quite busy. No, it is very busy badminton in all. They use that Highway all the time and did they give you any sense of when that would open up working as fast as they can to get things cleaned up to reopen it Knox? I don’t know. I can’t quote you on that, because we left pretty early. Okay, yeah, it is information, do you have a room to sleep in tonight has been sorted out? I don’t know yet we have to go back there because they work. Actually, Red Cross has just got there and we’re actually just going over to a friend’s place to have something quick. Okay, that sounds a lot nicer than having to stand in line and figure out the details when you were speaking with the Red Cross. How many people were there with? You is the sense that more people will start arriving as it as the night goes on, hoping you’re, not a local official but you’re our eyes and ears are as close to the ground as possible. So forgive me for asking you so much. Okay, hopefully you’ll get some details from the local officials. Both stand for Medicine Hat, but it sounds like the Red Cross is taking care of you folks, right now anything else. You want to tell us about what happened today that, but I haven’t asked you yet I don’t talk about it. Okay, thank you! So much for taking a new town, a little baby and I’m just trying to sort out all these details. I’M glad you got folks in medicine had to take care of you. Okay, take care of yourself out there.
The derailment involves “chemical exposure” according to Alberta Emergency Alert, which told residents within a seven-kilometre radius to evacuate the area immediately.

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