Trans vlogger on life as a woman – BBC News

Trans vlogger on life as a woman – BBC News
Be nice to me: I’d identify as Catwoman in the atrocities just a label, and so I think that if we could all just identifies how we want to be, I think you’re just make life. So hey guys, it’s me Jerry! So I’m back with another video. I guess when I talked about 8 years old, like you know, I got called Gail the time anything cuz. I got all of their my sites About myself and I was like. I want to be a woman of up to 500,000 times. People can you meet. You K I kind of like new but definite about the age of 14. 16. So then never say that led to me like going to counseling and sting like a psychologist and being perfect like a Benz Clinic, I kind of got the ball rolling. So while I was waiting to be seen by the Jen’s Clinic, I decide living is gout. Gender recognition certificate, which requires rigorous medical assessments, is Lone demeaning and costly. 2910 people have done it. Why is that? I guess I just sit changing my name changing my documents was more than enough for me. I don’t understand why it is so difficult to get a gender recognition certificate just to be seen as a person that you plan to reform the gender recognition act because being trans is not an illness and it shouldn’t be treated as such, as promised identify its proposal, Which is in Rage some feminists, some women who were opposed to the idea of self-identification say that it could actually threatened women’s right, but it would mean that we couldn’t have women only spaces anymore. What would you think that I would feel about safe? I wasn’t included in a woman’s face because I don’t identify as anything else and I didn’t think you could put me in that label off. She looks more like a manual. I think I look more like a woman, and I you know the way I think to me is more like a woman. It would be nice one day we can all be. You know, eat quote disease in, like an orange x, overly hot winemaker. I send out, you always know that makeup can enhance see if I think it is a mess, because I’m hiding, like you know who I am behind, if that makes sense – and I feel like people will be at me differently because they’ll see something. You know that I want them to say: how do you feel about the women who still don’t consider you to be a woman? I think everybody is entitled to their own opinion. If someone doesn’t want to see me as a woman that entitled to that, but I don’t want someone to to bring that negativity. My life I mean it upsets me anyway, because all I want is to just be seen as normal. Like many trans women do on a day-to-day basis, she and her friend, Natalia yeah, that was my nice used women’s changing rooms, women’s lose the main topic that just come up his the bathroom. I, like a mailbox, really, you know who’s the one in danger that stay on the ground. Updating the gender recognition act would bring few practical differences, but it would be fair. Do a minority who faced a discrimination, we’ve accepted. You know you know, LGBT rights by things that he’s kind of left out. Feminism is all about equality, so people who own fighting fall to make me an egg. It just goes to show that maybe they’re not a true feminist know. Everyone thinks it’s all about equality. For women based actually a quality that happy birthday,
Gender Recognition Act: One option in a government consultation, ending on Friday, is whether the law should be changed to the way gender is recognised in England and Wales.

Politics Live reporter Elizabeth Glinka talked to trans people who are backing the move to de-medicalise the process.

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