Trapped between Trump’s wall and Mexico’s cartels – BBC News

Trapped between Trump’s wall and Mexico’s cartels – BBC News
Trapped between Trump’s wall and Mexico’s cartels – BBC News
Racing game: this is a border between the US and Mexico and the Mexican side in Matamoros. Hundreds of people are camping anchors and the reason why they’re staying here is because they’re afraid to go further into Mexico. This is the most dangerous state in the country. Gangs rule the towns along the border of Tamaulipas, fuelled by a roaring drug trade with the US, and they treat migraines as a Cash Cab, especially those with families in the US koala bear to see her husband and her three-year-old son. They just arrived at the Border Town of Laredo when they were kidnapped. Ess switch up on the telephone Holstein, Thailand, Aerospace. No one knows how many migrants have gone missing in Mexico, the lowest gas is 70,000, but since January people who cross the US border seeking protection can be sent back to Mexico to wait for their first court date. Over 40,000 people have been sent back so far. The Trump Administration says that no one can claim asylum in the US if they haven’t First Command. I’Ve been rejected music countries that they travel through. They say, policies like this are working that they’re stopping the flow of migrants to the Border. But are these countries really safe? This is all that separate Mexico from the US. This River acts as a toilet boat Fort Lauderdale, the new world son. He says gangster threatened to kill his son. If you didn’t join them, when they arrived at the border, they were kids by Mexican cartel. After paying $ 6,000, they were released across the border to claim Asylum. Mexico, Shimmer Fuel Pump Rose about what is going to do for the next month or so they still here, look like they were detained for seven days. I don’t know if it’s a lie. Joselito my life is: there are economic migrants in the group, the population that we’ve been seeing over the last year and a half or so is certainly by far more Asylum Seekers, and there are economic migrants, time jobs. All the time we met Jodi in the bus station on the US side, she was in a hurry because she was about to cross to try to convince border patrol to let concept soon on a man with a disabled child into the u.s.. A few days later, she had her baby and she still waiting on the border for her court date in November.
Thousands of people are stuck on the Mexican side of the US border after changes in policy have made it more difficult for asylum seekers to enter the US.

The Trump administration says these policies are working to stop migration on its southern border and that Mexico is responsible for their safety.

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But could its policies be putting thousands of people in direct danger? The BBC’s Population Reporter Stephanie Hegarty went to the border to find out.

Names in this piece have been changed.

Video journalist: Rod Macleod. Editor: Owen Kean.

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