Trevor Lawrence to the XFL? Some people think it’s a good idea | ESPN Voices

Trevor Lawrence to the XFL? Some people think it’s a good idea | ESPN Voices
Trevor Lawrence to the XFL? Some people think it’s a good idea | ESPN Voices
Trevor Lawrence next year take a listen. What an unbelievable opportunity if you’re Oliver lock the head of the XFL and Vince McMahon, the owner of the XFL to say, hey and put them in front of our Lee going to happen. But those are the discussions are having and because of that three-year-old renate. It’S an opportunity see that within the realm of possibility, the only potential situation there is a Trevor Lawrence says: okay for 1 season, you throw the entire bank at me. I will risk playing for your league for one season, but do you believe that Trevor Lawrence, who won a national championship, who’s even booked up and looks like a prototype? Quarterbacks looks like the future star of the NFL is going to say after that one year, yeah I’ll stick with the XFL. This is something that maybe they can sort of just bring their name up just in discussions with Trevor Lawrence actual that the actual possibility of that’s going to happen, I say so what happened? You think it’s within the realm of possibility. One of the many reasons the afl’s is that they wanted to be developmentally for the NFL in the NFL stars. Of course, it’s about to Trevor Lawrence. It makes no sense for Trevor Lawrence go out for them. It’S a huge risk. He’S got a great situation at Clemson of the number one team he brings back all of his weapon and he knows the projected money and fame and endorsement that he can make in the NFL Kyler Murray is making 9 million dollars average in his rookie deal. That’S what Trevor Lawrence can expect at Clemson for squadoosh – That’s Tony sack of 30 million dollars to play Hugo salinsky a one-year. So, of course not only that this is all about marketing. Why wouldn’t they try and do this? We seen this before when the ABA started up against the NBA they went out and try to draft some of the the big stars in college. Herschel Walker, Jim Kelly, do believe the XFL might make the same running Trevor Lawrence. It would be ludicrous if I’m in the WWE, which is the basis for all this, is about publicity and promotion and spending a lot of money for top-right wrestlers Vince McMahon approved before that he’s willing to spend the money they will have. They already have Network deals. I’M sure that they were able to get lost, you don’t think ESPN or fox wood wood add on another 30-40 million dollars. You mentioned Jim Kelly. What about Steve Young, who got the biggest salary in the NBA $ 40,000, which was a ransom? If you would end that made a difference, I bought a Super Bowl. They got people to acknowledge that the league was actually real and cook. The Beans really want to last word on this. This really comes down to Trevor Lawrence and what kind of thinker is? Is he the type that wants to go outside the box and say I’ll? Take these 30 million – and you guys want for one year – that’s fine, or is he a guy that just wants to pursue his traditional NFL dream, which he seems to be on Facebook could go after another big-name and still make a big splash and have to pay That person weigh less the Trevor Lawrence situation. Just doesn’t seem realistic and Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence and his golden locks could become the face of wait for it. The XFL Lawrence has already won a national championship and is a top Heisman Trophy candidate, but he’s not eligible to be drafted by the NFL until 2021, which is why former NFL executive, Mike Tannenbaum, speculated on get up this morning. Vince McMahon sleep could attempt to wrestle Florence away from college football after the upcoming season with a lucrative contract. Xfl is looking for brand recognition and, as you know, Michael Lawrence has star potential. So would it be smart business for the leave to go off on Lawrence? Yes, no question but demands more discussion is. Would it be smart for this Young quarterback who stands to make more than a hundred and fifty million dollars salary? Wouldn’T we go with endorsements in a year and the answer is long enough to know Jim Kelly was in the usfl Steve Young, a good buddy. Both those guys went to the Hall of Fame a second-tier football league, Reggie White, the same sort of its Lee when overseas going to college for 1 year help Zion Williamson launch be at a place like Clemson, where you play for national championship, he’s better off staying Espn +
Woody Paige, Emily Kaplan, Kevin Blackistone and Israel Gutierrez of Around the Horn and Frank Isola and Michael Wilbon of Pardon the Interruption discuss the idea of Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence going to the XFL in 2020 because he’s still not eligible for the NFL draft until 2021.

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