Trey Gowdy slams Rep. Adam Schiff for ‘leaking like a sieve’

Trey Gowdy slams Rep. Adam Schiff for ‘leaking like a sieve’
Trey Gowdy slams Rep. Adam Schiff for ‘leaking like a sieve’
Demanding the release of material behind the president firing back calling the story: fake news, house oversight, committee, chair in federal prosecutor, Nellie Fox News contributor and Welcome to our program. I want you to know that the president is holding. They call a tape spray inside the Oval Office with the Australian prime minister about the moment here. So we might get interrupted. He’S been asked about this whistleblower story calls it fake news. He seems to suggest it was a partisan whistleblower that we’ll wait for that too. In the moment here, in the meantime, quite familiar with says, this whistleblower shows, in his words great courage. He said this on seeing it. This is someone who essentially did what we hope all people serving in the government will do a steps, use the appropriate process in a classified and and confidential matter to bring their concerns to the appropriate officials. That takes incredible courage. It is hard to stand up to ministration stand-up, particularly to visit ministration in this President. Are we just wanted to roll that out and get you to respond to a go ahead? The Whistleblower is not having access to the fax has never stopped in and became from expressing an opinion in the past. This is what I do know I’ll warn people weeks ago that have Adam Schiff continue to be the chairperson of the house until committee who’s. One of the most deeply partisan members of the House. Eventually people would stop sharing information with the intelligence committee and apparently that’s what’s happened so if Nancy Pelosi information person person to be the chairperson of that committee, what do you think’s going on here with the story? Dilution this week they have to do that. They could have said you know what you’re not getting your money till we get. The Whistleblower complaint has McCabe oddly enough that we’re about to receive and then will show if you are, but we do have a little bit of some rough notes of what the president said when he was asked about the Whistleblower and I’m going to quote. He says it’s a ridiculous, partisan, whistleblower conversations, leaders always appropriate highest level. I fight so strongly for the country, just another political hack, job he’s talking about how naturally there is. There is no nothing wrong with it. Talking to other leaders of other countries of the question is: was there a promise made? We don’t know so everybody’s speculating that promise was made. There was a whistleblower, but we don’t know the facts. Yet I’m doing you a disservice. If I guess so, I think we got to get to the point. North political culture, president, who said I’ll, have more flexibility in his second term. We don’t have to wonder about that. That’S on tape. I don’t think there was a similar level of outrage when President Obama promise that to the Russian president as there is now, and we don’t have any idea what President Trump said, that he’s going to face the possibility of prosecution Mark Meadows from yesterday is his willingness To go after this President irregularities was, is that in the inspector General’s report, that some of the conversations that he had actually changed the action that he took specifically trying to leave things to get the special prosecutor installed and and call them. That leads to the obvious question here: once we get the ig’s report, which is still We Believe few weeks away, do you believe James Comey will face prosecution, yes or no? We are setting the wrong standard and our cultural, we say, everything’s fine. Unless you’re indicted he’s been deemed into IG reports, he was found a violators employment agreement. He leaked classified information to his attorney. Why is all of that? Not enough for him to be judge poorly by history, why does it also take an indictment? Is not going to be indicted. So if that’s, what people expect they’re going to be disappointed down in history is a deeply partisan FBI director and then history can meet out whatever punishment they want, but I don’t think he’s going to be staying on some of the leading members. The previous administration is that, where we are in the end, I think it is, and I think it’s going to have to be enough again. We cannot live in a culture where everything is fine. If you narrowly avoid indictment, I just think people have higher expectations for their Publix tournaments in there officials, then for them to go around quitting. Aha, I wasn’t indicted, I mean, I just think we all have higher expectations. I don’t think he’s going to be indicted. Look what what we find out from the from the Greg Craig case. It’S really hard to get a conviction, even if so, there has to be a different standard other than prison, or nothing needs to be done here. Yeah. I think my fellow Citizens need to have all the ways of assigning a consequence other than anyone when all I can do is refer the case to the Department of Justice, the same Department of Justice. That said, President Trump did not commit a crime refuse to prosecute him call me so at a minimum we got to be consistent and Bill. Barr was right analysis of the obstruction of justice. Then is he not also right when he failed to prosecute or decline to prosecute Jim Comey? I mean and that’s not a good thing. Kimberley strassel Wall Street Journal Mister Horowitz, speaks Democrats, talk a lot about their dedication, oversight and truth, and the media keep promising not to let doctor democracy dies in darkness. This week’s Tale of Two Rings proves otherwise. She was Contracting to appease the difference between horowitz’s hearing and Corey Lewandowski a day prior
Former South Carolina Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy says people have stopped sharing information with the House Intelligence Committee because Chair Adam Schiff is the most deeply partisan member. #FoxNews

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