Triathlete shows kids with disabilities what’s possible… | Humankind

Triathlete shows kids with disabilities what’s possible… | Humankind
Triathlete shows kids with disabilities what’s possible… | Humankind
What is larger than just playing a game after having finished the Iron Man in proving that a woman with disability can cover that distance to? I still continue to hear stories about people with disabilities that are being, and I buy the rights to play and be part of after school sports this year, the race for me it is really about having a higher purpose. I really want to dedicate this win to helping others get to their own starting line. There are no special concessions made for me in the Iron Man. It’S the same rules that you have to follow, just like everybody else to get off that bike by 5. In the evening, he still have to do that swim within 2 hours and 15 minutes and you’ve got to cross that Finish Line before midnight. I don’t want to go through this and Crosses Finish Line and just be like. I want to achieve something, but along the way, provide an opportunity for someone else to forge a path to achieve something great themselves. I kind of liked being different from everybody else me to growing up as a kid I would go to and from school and I’ll be the only kid in my entire school that wore a prosthetic leg, and that can be the difference for me when I met Other amputees, sometimes we need to see ourselves in that reflection of possibility. I want to be her role model to show her that she doesn’t have to be on the sidelines, but she can climb Fountain. She can ride bikes, you can swim in the pool. She Can Go the Distance this little teddy bear is for you and it’s something that I created. It’S very special. It’S the same as it’s the same as your leg. That’S right! I want to show Morgan what’s possible and tutu, never settle on the push for those crazy Finishline, only crazy until you do it.
When she crosses the finish line, it’s not just for her. It’s also for the little girls with disabilities like hers.

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