Trish Regan: The ‘deep state’ must be investigated

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Trish Regan: The ‘deep state’ must be investigated
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Trish Regan: The ‘deep state’ must be investigated
Trish Regan: The ‘deep state’ must be investigated
Tonight it is time the American public know the truth. The last two years May soon proved to be a kind of Watergate on steroids, really a massive abuse of power within the so-called deep State, because why The Establishment didn’t like someone, the president of the United States of America, Americans – must demand answers on this High Reps. In the previous Obama administration, the American public mislead Us by making these wild accusations with a former head of the CIA under Obama, leading the pack suggesting that the president himself agents of Russia, the story never added up, as I know, heard it over the last two Years it never added up then, and it certainly does not add up now we have now the information, the information and we know know there was absolutely no collusion. So why the heck or Brennan and Clapper in the chain and all of Obama’s until people trying to tell us that there was and that my friends is exactly why this so-called Russian collusion issue will go down in the history books as one of the very worst Scandals in modern times night we hear on this show are asking questions. We must know why there was a massive overreach why there was a so-called insurance policy, and why and how? Oh there was an attempt to unseat a sitting, president of the United States of America. I mean it’s: it’s really wild when you think about it right in reading that report – and I read every page of it – a very busy Easter weekend in reading that report I’ll tell you what was clear to me, what was trying to intervene and they did they Repeatedly to be clear, they already had in roads in Clinton’s campaign machine. The second thing B is that the president include more than anyone is in his campaign. He may have been overly upset, understandably by the rhetoric used by the media and the Deep State types that is kind of what you call normal human reaction right I mean if someone says you are guilty of this and you’re saying no, I’m not. I promise you. I’M not and you’re trying to prove that you’re, not when there’s no crime to begin with, how does that make you guilty of anything tonight? I will tell you that the tables have turned. It is now time, President Trump to demand the answers. How what when, where? Why and then some joining me right now if you try to get some former FBI special agent. Okay: let’s talk about this from a legal perspective., I’m a legal purest okay, so we went through two years every night being told this is definitely a crime they going to indict is family members. Maybe sealed indictments got me some accountability. We can just give it to the next topic now. To answer your question: it’s a totally legitimate inquiry. Now that the special counsel came back and said, no, there wasn’t a crime. Okay, buddy wrote this dime novel the pages about obstructing something that isn’t a crime. I know that sounds highly of it innocence or guilt in this thing. To begin with, another was his: only job was to decide whether or not he had enough evidence to prove to prove obstruction file. You put it in the cabinet. You move on to the next case now, politically, though, you know Jim Comey, through Hillary Clinton under the bus. She did this that nothing wrong, so this became like payback, we’re going to do this today in the past cuz he could have opened up all of those files. There’S plenty of information on her and then we’ll FBI investigation into her emails and there’s 37 pages that have been redacted on the whole draining one thing, so you know Tit for Tat going on there’s a lot that could happen there. Shall we say why on Earth is all happened to begin with, and I don’t like the idea of deep state is playing politics. Does that really happen? Well, apparently, it happened. In this case I mean literally on, like Doug said. I don’t know why it took two years to find out what they knew very early on I mean he was too Extraordinary Measures that are usually very effective in cases they wired up Georgia sentiment to meetings to see if they can get dirt, then they had a Fisa for Carter page, we normally Canada case without those extraordinary means, but they went to those me. They wired up a guy, they sell them in and they had a secret listening device and they were listening in and they still have no evidence once those things were shut down. This should have been the end of it. The fact that it contains showed you that this was not an Indian giver FBI background. If you got a piece of opposition research knowing that it is paid for by a political opponent, the person that you may be investigating warrant off of that. And how do you not tell the judge this was paid for by the opposition? I mean five information, I want to Source it and I want to start it from a multitude of different places and I want to understand people’s motives. Doesn’T the FBI do the same thing when I was a criminal agent? I went for a title: 3 wiretap affidavit. The ball was so much higher and I stood before a judge and it was an assistant, United States Attorney, and I swear to an affidavit. I had to say the things in there with truthful and I had to do everything I could verify those and apparently friends of mine that work in the Pfizer Arena tell me it’s much more loose. They get there and one of them’s. We hope that comes from these investigations is the fisa bar has to be set much higher, especially when these US citizens involved much much higher. These guys knew this stuff was on verified, they went 4-3 renewals on it, they were getting nothing and they kept renewing it. On this really fault, and possibly all the shows how I say, which is why I want an investigation into why this all happened, I’m really at the ig’s report, hopefully that’ll bring some clarity, bring that same exact verbiage to the table now and say. Excuse me there’s a Bonafide a claim about the way this started, what happened with the fisa application and the renewals, and it should be fully investigated. Americans deserve answers. We do the president deserves answers, but this is not just about him. It’S about every single person in the United States of America that goes to a voting booth with the best of intentions and to think that song behind the scenes are trying to undo the will of the American people is pretty darn good.
FBN’s Trish Regan, former federal prosecutor Doug Burns and former FBI special agent Bobby Chacon discuss the fallout from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia report.

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