Trudeau calls Ford cuts to Ontario education system ‘frightening’ | Power & Politics

Trudeau calls Ford cuts to Ontario education system ‘frightening’ | Power & Politics
Trudeau calls Ford cuts to Ontario education system ‘frightening’ | Power & Politics
As we look at what the conservative government to in Ontario in the deed, the conservative governments across the country are doing on climate change. We can talk about that shortly, but just in terms of cuts to Services Cuts two kids, it’s it is really frightening. Justin, Trudeau has failed this country when it comes to standing up for buy America. Tell Melissa me to start with you, because these two clips today to me it’s like a summer brawl. This is all about the federal election and it is not it’s completely disingenuous on on both parts. Frankly, I had never heard the Prime Minister before the song. I asked my fellow panelists never heard him speak about education, add 15 years of a liberal government here where the schools are in disrepair and the scores are really low and frankly, we’ve never heard him talk about that and at the beginning of the conversation with buy America – and I think it was a working relationship with that – was farther away from the from the federal election. So I suspect that you’ll see the Liberals running against Doug Ford in Ontario and not on. The record. Interested out to me today was because it was in front of a group of teachers and the prime minister with the punishers comments, and it was either too scared to talk to you about his own fears about his kids and he used, as you heard. That word frightening, what’s happening with Doug Ford and so much less about what Andrew Shearer is doing, and I wonder what the implications of that are unable to actually do anything make the country better. If he continues to play out this kind of problem or he succeeds and running against somebody that actually running for federal office – and I am not sure right now – which way that plays out – I don’t think that the electorate has enough patience to watch. That kind of skirmish between these two individuals that play out over the next three or four months. This could just be a situation or going to see over the summer before it actually turns to more serious issues. But there’s this has the real feel of some kind of a grudge match between the two. I think that’s an unfortunate place with a country beheaded way way more than you ever invoke. His actual opponent, Rachel notley and I ended up working right now. What you’re saying is on your side? I think you just got the results of the latest internal polling and focus groups for Ontario, and I I really believe that I think over the last week, or ten days, they’ve been doing, internal polling seems to be going after Doug Ford and on Doug Ford side Of things he’s been through a very tough first year, as polls are very down, he did a major Shuffle and I think for a reset for him, it’s right, the Trump Playbook I mean you need to go on the offensive, so I’m both sides. You have political reasons for doing this, taking the initiative, but I think on Justin Trudeau side you’re, seeing that actually from Ontario for those key seats that he needs. It seems that the climate-change message is not enough. He has to do more and that’s. Why he’s doing this? This turn on education overhearing? I certainly think that the election is going to be one in the 905 and I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a political strategist who didn’t believe that important, of course, Lower Mainland BC also important terms of seat numbers. But I think there’s probably yeah. You know a 20 Suites seat swing here in Ontario of either 26 to the liberals or 26 of the conservatives, and rarely is that split up. Does the 905 tends to vote in a block, at least in recent history, so want to be important to message test? These things and that’s exactly what we saw today. We saw prime minister that was message. Testing hang on, I’m not going to give you my opinion on this, but here is my opinion on this blah blah blah is bad. I think you’re going to see a lot of going up into or moving into October, and I think that you’re going to see a premier on the on the offencive as well convincing Ontarian said: hey life, probably isn’t better for you. It’S four years later, when Justin Trudeau said that it would it’s more expensive and we understand your economic anxieties, which is the exact reason he won the 9:05, so we’ll see how how that swing plays up party. What are some good question for another video thanks for watching
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took aim at changes made by Premier Doug Ford to trim costs in Ontario’s sprawling public education system, which has more than two million students enrolled on average each year.
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