Trudeau on whether ‘Jihadi Jack’ will be allowed in Canada

Trudeau on whether ‘Jihadi Jack’ will be allowed in Canada
Trudeau on whether ‘Jihadi Jack’ will be allowed in Canada
Send again, in 2011, the Canadian government work to evacuate citizens caught in the outbreak of conflict when they asked the government for help. Are you willing to do so for Canadians called in Hong Kong? We are very aware of the difficult situation in Hong Kong right now. We repeat our calls for peace, 4D escalation for listening by local authorities and by the Chinese government to the preoccupations express by the citizens of Hong Kong. There are 300000 Canadian citizens in Hong Kong, its the largest group of citizens of any country in Hong Kong. Right now to her very concerned about them, but we also are very concerned about human rights and freedom, expression, freedom of assembly, and we are going to continue to a call upon the Chinese government to respect the one country two systems agreement that they have long abided By finger to help formerly British comedian Isis fighter, now that the UK has stripped him of his British British citizenship, it is a crime in Canada to travel for the purposes of a supporting or engaging in terrorism, and we will ensure that the laws are fully enforced. Albert hello, Google he’s attacking itself should have a few people from over. This. Many people are looking at RN. Struggling can offer an emergency help to those newspapers, situation. Central role, to play in our democracy, all right for a medium while respecting the rule, essential role, national languages in Ottawa party, and we will always so look at the role and respect aerobic like it is. It is frustrating that we are still automatic changes or if we should act now, Waterway sand, investing, don’t have a responsibility to independently apply electoral law highlights the fact that it’s so frustrating, but there are still conservative politicians in this country who don’t think that climate change Is real and certainly don’t think we should be doing anything. as a government, we have made significant Investments by putting a price on pollution by protecting our marine and land areas by investing in renewable, investing and new technologies. I’M sure that this transition is Affordable for ordinary Canadians. Conservative politicians are still fighting against that, including in court, and have not understood that you can’t put you have a plan for the future of our economy. If you don’t have a real plan to protect the environment, we’ll look at what state in the next few days, involvement in this and see if exactly., While respecting any integrity, obar forecast for retirees are considering should have happened, did not answer any other government to report Knowledge that we should have went yesterday different, that’s why you asked for a minister act differently. The prime minister’s responsibility is, and always has its stand up for jobs in to protect Canadians right across the country, Canadians, their families, retirees, that’s something. That is my job that I will always do we’ll do it in such a way that uphold the independence of our judicial system in the independence of our prosecutors. We recognize that things should have been done differently and that’s why months ago we asked former any general a McClellan to have conversations and consult experts, former Attorneys General constitutional law professors to establish a way forward so that neither are government nor any other government ever finds Himself in the a difficult situation we found herself take me something. purchase. You spoke about Capitol media. It’S a very tough day for critical role. Bjd means the world transformation Target. Citizens, Bank are sensitive, it’s a big Mister mayor, but at the same time, democracy we need as much as possible media. We end those existing location of media sources and media the back, so they will continue to be Equalization payments Premiere. Can he took the time to write a long message in face entering a Premier League goal out of what he said that this weekend? What do you make out of this suspension between the two on Equalization payments highlighted earlier Jason Kenny was part of the government that established the current Equalization formula. It seems very political that he is now having problems with something that he himself put forward the snc-lavalin affair. I wanted to ask you again and Russia, or took the time, to write to the RCMP to send a letter to the RCMP asking the force to investigate a boat, your actions, India and obstruction of justice.. What do you make out of this move today? It will continue to to ask questions, as is important for a an official opposition. We will continue to stand up and defend jobs and make the kinds of Investments and announcements for making today. It is something to highlight that a number of weeks ago when Andrew Scheer was asked about the Tramway, he said he opposes of this Tramway project. I’M not quite sure what that means, I’m guaranteeing that this government has allocated the funds and is moving forward on this project. I think they’re questions for mr. share about his continued commitment to the city of Quebec and to the excellent project that has been put forward by our partners here through the lion Warriors. What are Partnerships once again today during income taxes for the week are? You are not well-served October 22nd in the morning. Just so you know I have a problem essential Ottawa and the family of the Man known as Jihadi Jack has said. They have reached out to your office to help them to bring him to out of Syria and to Canada. What is your office doing to help the family, and are you open to him coming to live in Canada? Minister of Public Safety address these questions yesterday. What I will reinforce is that it is a crime to travel internationally with a goal of supporting. There is a more engaging in terrorism, and that is a crime that we will continue to make. All attempts to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. Is the message we have for for Canadians and for anyone involved, you’re not open to him. Coming to Canada. We have continued to recognize that it is a crime to travel for the purpose of engaging in Terrorist activities. In English. The principal of a free and independent press is one of the cornerstones of our democracy. We need to have a strong media voices to in sure that our democracy is well-functioning. We recognize the transformation of the media industry that digital world that is undergone been undergone over the past number of years, and that’s why the government a we are there and we made significant Investments to support the media across the country in their essential job of informing The public and holding authorities to account. We are obviously very concerned with the recent news from gifts, and we will very much look at what the federal government can do. As I’m sure, everyone will look at what can be done to ensure their continued to be a range of vibrant voices and range of real strong, dedicated people I working in newsrooms across Quebec and indeed across the country. Yes, it would Quebec City now he was making an announcement regarding our infrastructure there and bringing a Tramway to both Quebec City and Montreal that we were listening in to hear if he would take any questions regarding the news today that Andrew Scheer is asking RCMP to Look into whether or not the Trudeau government committed a crime asking your c & p to to launch a criminal investigation into the snc-lavalin
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau comments on whether ‘Jihadi Jack’ will be allowed to return to Canada.

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