Trudeau promises to expand program for first-time homebuyers | Power & Politics

Trudeau promises to expand program for first-time homebuyers | Power & Politics
Trudeau promises to expand program for first-time homebuyers | Power & Politics
Don’T worry Manitoba tonight or bust organizer is looking for a new job or liberals weren’t too pleased about the way his bus goes into their charter jet moments before takeoff this morning, no one was hurt, but the plane was grounded and the lunch and gas waiting at Ontario never got to see Trudeau. We are back with the power panel Rachel korine Marcella Monroe, David ortel and Rica Walsh, who knew that what happened to Pierre Elliott, Trudeau in the 1987 election Austin last night, Justin Trudeau’s campaign plane, was hit by a bus carrying members of the media. The plane was scraped under its wings. The damage was serious enough to Warrant using a different plane for the liberal campaign event. Today, it’s not Justin Trudeau, family, no tricky Transportation issues have played many a campaigning politician like Wildrose leader, Daniel Smith, unfortunate placement above her buses Wheels in 2012 or then liberal leader, Michael, if not just slow, start on a six-week cross treat or back in 2010 or Paul Martin Sleigh Ride gone wrong in the winter campaign of 2005. Apart from providing fodder for journalists joke that can create a cloud over a camp. Is it at omen or are they reflections of the team’s Readiness or thoroughness Rachel? I’Ll start with you? Lots of lots of scuttlebutt today about this this incident, so it’s really impact the moral I think of a campaign are. The same thing happened to Pierre Trio. In 1980, he went on to win a majority government. On the other hand, Michael ignatieff spots broke down as he’s paying 2010 at repair shop called Harper’s diesel terrible irony and, of course he he lost. That campaigned quite badly. So I don’t think it’s indicative of what’s going to happen, but these kinds of things are never good for campaign moral. I you’ve got your stuff working in the War Room. You cut your stop working on the road. They don’t want to be confronted by stories of two or fails right, and this is her. This is a pretty big fail when your leader has two his nicely Brandon playing wizard of an anonymous Air Transat playing, because you know the other one got run into by a bot, so it’s not great. They have a campaign. It’S just super unlucky that the that the plane happened to be hit by a media bus. Where is in the eye of the beholder, I think I missed one because really you could take. I went straight to SMC on this one and said look scratched, but he still made it here. The staff got through it, they found another plane and, and they found an Air Transat playing with, which was just bought by Air Canada by the way. So it’s a Canadian company that that they replace the place play the staff pulled out of this brilliantly. They they did a great job having to find a plane, a whole plane and and actually the schedule it was just slightly affected. I mean he made his major of a so I would think in terms of raw. I agree with Rachel on saying this could affect morale, but this could actually be a boost for morale with the truth because they pulled off a pulled out of it quite nicely. David by David ability to spend this, like you very well., I’m going to say I don’t think it’s a huge deal on day. One and I think the thing I want to point out and it’s it’s kind of a little bit like what David sangalo not really is to say you know this wasn’t a cellphone right, so this isn’t like they put their leader on a Ski-Doo in the middle. You know in the beginning of the campaign: it’s not it’s not something that the campaign team planned and then fail those kind of things when they happen, and I think we’ve all been there when we’ve done something. That’S either embarrassed the leader or taking you in those things really do destroy morale in a war room. I think in this case we are. This was obviously a driver error. They probably you know it probably, is embarrassing and makes people little red-faced, but I don’t think it’s a huge problem for the campaign. It’S not telling us anything at any rate about the internal workings of the liberal campaign doesn’t mean we won’t have incidents. That might don’t think this is a cell phone and cell phones are the assertive worst stomach pit thinking, I’m sure we’ll have some of them from some of these parties during the campaign and those are the things you really need to avoid. There’S just one more thing to for them to do. I think it’s just kind of First Day Jitters for everybody right every just getting into the swing of things, and so it’s not great for morale but as far as like getting journals and not to focus on it. A bit of a shiny object, kind of improvement and I think we focus on what’s new in with different, and so that’s why that got the attention. But I think Marshall hit the nail on the head: it’s not a cell phone, so it’s not going to hurt them long-term. I have 2 minutes left. I want to do a bit of a rough around and ask you what what has stood up for you and these two full days of 40 of this campaign. That start with? U and dominating and there’s yet to hear from the opposition parties. Any type of real narrative there still negative and they have to get positive if they want to convince Canadians to go for issues starting to lay out their plans to make life more affordable for Canadians. I’M looking forward to the CTC plan in particular so already leave. Even in these two days, we’ve seen a real range of issues covered and policy issues as well. So I think that’s encouraging and I hope we see more of it marchella. What’S that what’s been sticking up for, you haven’t been so excited by the federal NDP and I feel that they have left me in some ways on issues I care about like energy policy, but I will say I have been pretty impressed the last the first couple Days of his campaign, I think that jagmeet Singh is done. A pretty tremendous job. You know he’s he’s, got the advantage right now. I think he’s being really underestimated. They have a lot of challenges that it is that they have to deal with, but I’ve just been impressed by the way the campaign events have been pulled off at that picture. Today they took. I don’t know why anyone hasn’t thought before, but you put a line up behind him and talk about Healthcare. I was genius burn, it is, and I think the topics that are coming up reflect that and how the leaders are addressing. Those things are not addressing. Those things are tiptoeing around those things. It’S really interesting, yeah, that’s a really good point. Okay, thank you. Everyone look forward to seeing you regularly during the campaign thanks for the power panel this evening, Marcella Monroe, David Ertel and Marika Walsh, subscribing to the CBC News Channel or click the link for another video thanks for watching
Justin Trudeau promises to help people buy their first homes by expanding the First Time Home Buy incentive program, if the Liberals are re-elected.
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