Trudeau responds to Time Magazine photo showing him in brownface in 2001

Trudeau responds to Time Magazine photo showing him in brownface in 2001
Trudeau responds to Time Magazine photo showing him in brownface in 2001
Do you think you should resign what they did? I regret that I did that in your life. You ever done something like that call Latisha Matthews on now. I recognize and I wondered if you’d like me, to call tonight to Dougie sing if you have any words to say to some of your staff. I have made a number of calls to friends and colleagues tonight and I will have too many more politics to try and opportunities for people to Fight Against Racism and intolerance, and I can just stand here and say that I made a mistake. I wish I hadn’t done it, but I did it and I apologize. Gene Hackman play tonight continue to work, even though that I’m going to continue to work very hard to demonstrate the Canadians that I’m always going to try and I take responsibility for my mistakes – could always work towards a better future for all Canadian continue getting out there Across the country and the kind of future, we all need to roll up our sleeves and belt. I think this is something that I, like everything that you have to evaluate on a case-by-case basis to something that I take seriously and I take responsibility for pissed off at myself. Obviously, disappointed in myself and I’m apologizing to Canadiens a real steak and taking stock in the passport and having conversations with with my colleagues with fellow candidates and I’m going to be continuing to having conversations with Canadians about this and about many other things that were hoping To work together on positively individuals, probably over the last hour and talking to Rachel as members of your cabinet and rackauckas, what are they said to you? I die. I said to them what I am saying hear how I take responsibility for its, how I did something that I really shouldn’t have done: disappointed and pissed off at myself what they said, but frankly, I I am touched by as thoughtful a team around me as I Have I’ve been talking to candidates to see I’ve been talk to my fellow candidates? Tonight I found out. Are you taking today off everyday count on you conversations about this over the pasta over the past while, but the reality is that we were going to continue to focus on fighting discrimination and racism is a person racist action at the time? But now we know better in this was something that was unacceptable and yes, this is a part of the reflections we all have to have on how we judge the mistakes that we met the past, how we take responsibility for how we keep moving forward as a Society recognizing, but we do need to do more to fight anti-black racism. Systemic discrimination unconscious bias all these things that are present, that not immune from certainly a significant reflection that that I’ve had over the past while on this, and if it leads other people to have Reflections and that’s a good thing. But this is very much about me. Taking responsibility, I think it’s it’s well-known that community and people who live with intersectionalities and faced discrimination, the likes of which I have I never personally had to experience is, is a significant thing. That is very hurtful and that’s why I am so deeply disappointed in myself. Continuing Care, if it is usual book, have nipples a conversation with them tomorrow morning before they go to school, about taking responsibility for mistakes, you make about living up every day to try and be a better person and recognizing that when you make mistakes you have to Take the van promise to do better. That’S what I expect of my kids. That’S how I’m going to be raising them and that’s certainly the conversation, but I’m going to be having with them tomorrow. I think the fact is that I look forward to having conversations about how we move forward as a society, how we move forward as individual. If everyone who is going to be standing for office, I need to demonstrate that they’ve been perfect every step up their lives. There’S going to be a shortage of people running for office, I think what is important is yes, people get challenged on the sticks that made in the past that they recognize those mistakes. I think it it’s it’s been plenty of. The fact of the matter is that I’ve always and you’ll know this been more enthusiastic about costumes. Then it somehow is sometimes appropriate, but these are directions that I regret deeply Carter. I’M going to have to continue to work, to demonstrate to Canadian, but I’m focused on building a better world with less discrimination last intolerance and racism many years ago, which was the wrong choice that I regret deeply I need to. I am owning up to. I am going to focus I’m looking for
Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau responds to a photo obtained by Time Magazine that shows him in brownface makeup at an ‘Arabian Nights’ party in 2001.
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