Trudeau, Scheer in dead heat ahead of federal election: poll

Trudeau, Scheer in dead heat ahead of federal election: poll
Trudeau, Scheer in dead heat ahead of federal election: poll
Has Justin Trudeau and Andrew Scheer is neck-and-neck with less than three months until Canadians cast their vote Victoria British Columbia? He joins made from Williams Lake BC good afternoon to you, Winx of campaign soul, to take place. How much stock would you say, Michael that we need to put in these poles I mean: do we really need to be looking at them, or is this something really that the parties are spayed or are paying a lot of attention at 2 level of support and The Liberals and conservatives are going at it if you don’t pretty close to a neck-and-neck Race, So that’s going to make for a very interesting fall election. The lead, rather than you know eyes, are seeing this type race here. Try and scare Canadians in terms of you know serious, is going to be no Harper 2.0 in that kind of thing trying to try and type your into. You know who somehow to look like what Republicans are doing Ontario a lot of negative campaigning outside they’re, going to do a lot of negative campaigning as well negative campaign, the one more likely in a minority government situation to get the support of NDP or green MP’s. They steer it so he’s got that attitude level of comfort whole also showing the greens in third place and the NDP dropping willing to 4th Place. What are your thoughts, and meanwhile, I think, with the green party having you’ll had limited success. Has that the federal intervention level, I think a lot of people now are going if you can’t decide between the Liberals. Growing concerns about climate change in the impact is having on our environment a lot of people think they hate, let’s, let’s let’s Parker, but with the greens price comparison. If you win between the US and Switzerland there’s their prices, it is an election year, so they looking for brownie points every where they can get it were. The prices have been jacked up to the point where they’re ten times as much as what Canadians, because Americans UConn prediction. But if your prices exceed a certain level that kind of protection is gone, it is defenseless like it’s illegal, so there’s no negotiation. They’Re bringing down the big pharmaceutical companies – and I think, a lot of Americans empty in that regard – have on consumers in the house system, which is huge because you know we went, we know, what’s what that is, like start accessing Canadian pharmaceuticals, what is that going to Do in terms of our supply, so that’s another thing that issue that’s going to have to be addressed might have to look at sourcing medication from various locales and not, and not just what we’ve done before.
Lobbyist Michael Geoghegan discusses a new poll showing a tight race between Justin Trudeau and Andrew Scheer.


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