Trudeau speaks with Chinese President Xi on sidelines of G20

Trudeau speaks with Chinese President Xi on sidelines of G20
Trudeau speaks with Chinese President Xi on sidelines of G20
All right now, the big question is just what Justin, Trudeau and Xi Jinping had to say to each other at the G20 meeting Getty any movement in Canada’s diplomatic dispute with China is seen as the big challenge for the prime minister at the summit. Something likely made more, I called because Trudeau has no formal meeting scheduled with the Chinese president. Now that fact would explain what is happening right here, that is Trudeau and she on the sidelines of the summit. We have enhanced the video zooming in and censuring it on your screen. They were speaking as G20 leaders were heading to their seats for a cultural event. Their conversation came at the end of the day that also included Trudeau and she caught on camera earlier in an awkward moment, Thibodaux has the play-by-play from Osaka well in the main meetings with the 20 world leaders, prime minister Justin, Trudeau is heated right next to the Chinese president Xi, Jinping, visibly uncomfortable and him back, it seemed like they were ignoring each other, but the prime minister’s staff they they did have briefed constructive interactions. Then late tonight there was a cultural event at that cultural event it was caught on. Are the two men had what’s called a pull aside, so it’s off to the side of the event they had a two-minute conversation and translators were present. So again, when we ask the prime minister’s office what that interaction was like, they were any details of what was said about. So what happens if there is no movement on the China issue, Hannah has offered any help you can give. We know that he’s having a face-to-face meeting with the president of China tomorrow and he did promise to bring it up. But what exactly the president will do that we still don’t know either. Would he say something that would change them find of the president of China? So that’s one thing we’ll definitely be watching for tomorrow, but we did hear from our Minister of Foreign Affairs today Christian Freeland, she’s saying look. We have spoken to a lot of other countries. They say that China should not arbitrary, we detain to people or any people and they’re trying to push that message through other countries as well, because we know that there hasn’t been a face-to-face or will not be a face-to-face meeting between our prime minister and the president Of China, so all of these other trees are trying to put pressure on China in this instance, but the big thing will be looking for tomorrow. Is the president United States out of that meeting with XI tomorrow, but not only that what happens after this we asked the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Look if there’s no movement on China when we come out of the G20 in Osaka Japan, will there be some form of retaliatory measures against China? She said that they won’t escalate, but she also added Canada won’t back down my call. Thank you, for this are at the G20 in Osaka, Japan,
After appearing to ignore each other at a G20 leaders’ working lunch in Osaka, Japan, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Chinese President Xi Jinping chatted — away from the cameras.

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