Trudeau visits Alberta pipeline site, says national unity not under threat | Power & Politics

Trudeau visits Alberta pipeline site, says national unity not under threat | Power & Politics
Trudeau visits Alberta pipeline site, says national unity not under threat | Power & Politics
When the federal court of appeal came back with its ruling in August, conservatives, conservative politicians all had the same answer. You got to fight this in the courts. You need to appeal decision. You need to change the law, we knew. That was a mistake. We knew that instead, we need to change the processes and actually work with indigenous people, actually work with environmental concerns. If consumed politicians have had their way and we had appealed federal court of appeals decision this summer. The only people be working would be lawyers in court. Instead of these folks behind me was in Edmonton today terminal and is in the near future. Politics is in Montreal with Mila divorce, Marie Vestal hi everyone, people that appraise, for example, buying the Trans Mountain pipeline cuz. It was obviously what he believed to be the national interests and, despite the fact that it for him, certainly not in Alberta, so he’s quite correct to say, hey, look if we had decided rather than to go our route and instead to take us back to court. You know it just would have slowed everything down the issues that, as far as I’m aware, there’s no reason why you couldn’t do both things simultaneously, takes a federal court sessions back to court and appeal it while also continuing consultations and also going through the approval process. Again – and I think that you could have actually done that simultaneously – are lots of totally. reasons for that, the question of whether or not it’s going to actually win anyone over in Alberta. No, I don’t think he’s actually playing to Alberta at this point. I think it. What he’s trying to do is show that he can be the reasonable Centrist leader who can foot issues a pipeline and economy at the Forefront, while at the same time for championing the kind of a climate change planet and a green fluffy. That’S a pretty fine needle to thread, because what is that you just wind up coming across the start of hypocritical in and saying one thing to one side of the country and another thing towards to the other side of the country. The contacts for second last Wednesday. He was in Montreal in San Jose Mari near here at Steve and get bows investiture back and then he flies and goes across the country and goes in and stand with a bunch of Roughnecks in front of a pipeline that he bought for five billion dollars. And the other party that tried that would be called a, but the Liberals have this ability to go in and do this kind of thing. It’S like it’s almost like triangulation the demonstration of how to get away with it. So I’ll pull up a tweet from Andrew sure before I get you to weigh in on that the federal conservative leader who says don’t let Justin Trudeau’s phony photo op today, full anyway and Wednesday he celebrated the nomination. As many points in Idaho, well-known antique activist is a star candidate, Trudeau has shown his colors and wants to quote phase-out Canada’s energy industry as fast as he can’t so they’re they’re positioning that star candidate against the message and saying hey. This is hypocritical. Does a liberal can get away with that different in each part of the country is hypocritical. Is that you end up injuring both sides, so Progressive voters? Voters are disappointed that that Mr shoot about a pipeline but Alberta voters are disappointed that Berenice feel like they are getting nothing out of Ottawa having trouble keeping song both sides. I don’t know if it’s the smartest thing to attack Steven Gabel. For one thing, I don’t think it’s news that the Liberals have people in their party. I mean Wildlife Fund, so we know where he stood, stood and stand on environmental issues. Former approved openly disappointed with the decision. How do you fry Terry Beach, who are openly saying they wished it had gone? Another way in the government still approved the pipeline twice and bought it, and so it’s true still stands by his opposition to DMX, really swerved any votes in Alberta or people already think that the Liberals don’t want a pipeline, and I wonder if there’s a risk government In October, and are in writings in areas where they’re not so supportive of a pipeline in Quebec – about that? That’S okay, but I’m actually not particularly bothered by the fact that there’s an anti-pipeline activist who got here – and I can understand why the conservatives are trying to make hay on it and certainly that the Optics of it given the meaning of the timing of events is, Is is pretty Stark but, like let’s be honest, I mean we expect. Cox has to have a certain degree of diversity of opinion on a whole range of issues and hypocritical for us to sort of assumed that that every single liberal MP is going to be totally proteomics. This is, we don’t expect every conservative mpnp to be Pro or anti this or that so it ain’t diversity is, is it is expected in any part of it Marty to follow up a little bit? You know he can call it that it was anti-pipeline Miller Pipeline and then, on the other hand, you can go probably one of the most staunchly anti-pipeline people to run for them because he believed their platform. It works. It works the other, well well, yeah, exactly and there’s there’s a conspiracy theory and that he bought this pipeline literally in order to shut it down, probably tell that it’s an ex-president who believe it they’re going to shovel in the ground in September, the dead in Quebec And what you’re saying about wanting to get elected every single last fight single fat, provincial politician political party in this province, that is in favor of having that thing going underground in in on in through Quebec. The only party that was open to it during that during the election in October was the caq in there there now against it. I was going to propose 1 to go through Corridor through the through the country. That necessarily means that they’re going to have to go through the back at some point. Explicit memory about whether or not he would force that Federal leader at this point. Well, ultimately, Acer inter-provincial projects are federal responsibility. Responsibility is to protect the natural. Where is it are in politics and see more of our show by subscribing to the CBC News Channel or click the link for another video, thanks for watching
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is dismissing Conservative claims that national unity is under threat. Trudeau stopped to visit workers Friday morning at Edmonton’s Trans Mountain pipeline terminal, which is the start of the line that carries Alberta oil to a terminal in Burnaby, B.C.
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