Trudeau visits Danforth shooting site, attends funeral

but we begin this an hour in Toronto where the Prime Minister visited a memorial today for the victims of last week’s mass shooting Justin Trudeau laid flowers and appear to say a short prayer on the Danforth in the Cities East End in the he attended a funeral for one of the victims eighteen-year-old Reese Fallon there was also a service today for the other person killed 10 year old Juliana closes at the scene of the shooting Trudeau said he was moved by how much the community come together Community comes through moments of resilience like that I am moved by how strong torontonians have over these past this year of tragedies and continue to stand with all of us the cbc’s Megan Fitzpatrick is on the Danforth and was there when she visited she’s more on what he had to say last week shooting and the victims of 18 year old and then came here to the memorial site along the Danforth this is where Reese Fallon was struck by bullets where she died last Sunday night he came and laid some flowers at the fountain here and then I took a few moments of reflection and then he spoke to reporters about the resilience of this community here along the Danforth how did come together in the wake of tragedy how people need to respect each other listen to each other and comfort each other and he also talked personally about how its 20 years ago this year that he lost his own younger brother and he said that was on his mind this morning when he was at the funeral part of what he told the young people who were there this morning to friends of respelling he had a message for them take a listen at what he told us about what he was telling them they were going to be remembering and celebrating Reece throughout their lives I mean still today people come up to me who went to Camp with my little brother who remembered how he touched their lives in different ways and I just wanted to tell us young people and everyone who is grieving and mourning the our loved ones particularly extraordinary beautiful ones like the two girls we lost I will be with us forever Toronto Marathon Torrance city council has been talking about an actually voted in favor of a few days ago they’re trying to put the pressure on the federal government and the prime minister to do more to try and prevent these kinds of shooting from happening in Toronto there been a number of shootings this summer not just this one here on the Danforth he said his government is looking at a broad range of options particularly for the long-term but for the short term he said he was here to pay his respects and pay tribute to this community. Funeral for respelling withheld Toronto her friends family classmates Gathering to say their goodbyes she had just graduated from high school she said to begin University this fall studying and a nursing program at McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario she was also interested in politics she was a member of the young here in Toronto the other young victim Juliana copas her funeral was also this morning she was struck and killed by the bullet While She Was Out on the damn fourth of her family last Sunday night she was from Markham Ontario and at the age of 10 already how to do a synchronized swimmer her teammates devastated by the loss of their friends or classmates family and friends again Gathering to pay their respects and say goodbye to her they were the two victims who were killed in the 13 others injured still in hospital Megan Fitzpatrick CBC News Toronto CBC News spoke to people who attended today’s funeral for respelling one man who went was one of the first people on the scene of April’s and fan attacking another he told us he didn’t know Reese but said he feels her lost because of his own experience with tragedy it describe the service to us it was wonderful amazing what a great family she had and what have one person she buys and how much compassionate and caring Sheba is for friends and we heard from her friends teachers relatives neighbors and images so sad to realize who she was and what a great loss for every community in addition to the two people killed in last week shooting 13 others were wounded the shooter took his own life with a confrontation with police
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited the Danforth shooting site earlier today and attended the funeral of one of the victims, Reese Fallon.

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