Trudeau won’t attend Munk and Maclean’s/CityTV debates | Power & Politics

Trudeau won’t attend Munk and Maclean’s/CityTV debates | Power & Politics
Trudeau won’t attend Munk and Maclean’s/CityTV debates | Power & Politics
Welcome back Power & politics with the power panelist alanson Andrew Thompson and David Ertel and John Paul Tasker decision, on which debates the Prime Minister will participate in the party issued this statement earlier this afternoon, prime minister, Trudeau will take. Are they right in both the base? Organized by the leaders debate commission, the campaign team is also in conversations with Teva. We helped and encouraged him to consider participating in the commission’s debates in the next election in the McClain Paul Wells also posted on Instagram early and liberals had told Maclean’s and City TV that Trudeau would not do that planned debate on September 12th to PL start with You a lot of speculation, but don’t you want every opportunity to take your message to the Canadian people? I mean last time around. Let’S not forget, the conservative party said that Justin Trudeau would have a good night on the debate stage if he just showed up with his pants on and then he did and then he did quite well and he actually did well in play all the debates and He really convinced people that the conservative line that he’s just wasn’t ready just wasn’t necessarily true. He did quite well. So why would you be avoiding this? Why, wouldn’t you want to take your message to the Canadian people on his many platforms as you possibly can always Jenny Ferrer there’s more opportunity for error for the more times you go up on that debate stage, but is awesome, opportunity, woo voters and then not exactly In a position of strength, right now, I get it for Brian pallister in Manitoba, when he’s got a 20-point lead over the NDP but they’re tied with 3333 by all measures. So it’s not exactly like they’re running away with this election as it is right now. I think you’d want to get as many people as you could on board with a liberal message, things there’s a big difference between now and 2015 by Justin. Trudeau is no longer the Dark Horse upstarts how about change running from third-place needing that exposure? Now he’s the prime sure and when you’re an outgoing prime minister, the stages are, basically, you have three other leaders gunning for you and you can advance hope for a draw and you can rarely actually gain Brown and when we talked about 3333 yeah that’s nationally. But when you’re looking at the key swing writings, for example, the provinces like Ontario and Quebec, comfortably in the lead, the vote, distribution of the Liberals is much better than the conservatives. It’S the conservatives right now that I actually have to make inroads in Ontario and Quebec. In those key seats, if they hope to form a government so and also regarding the debate spoke about this last time I was on the show, I think the Trudeau government is aiming for an election called right after September 10th is today to September 12th. So I think it’s it’s also part of a overall communication strategy to avoid the macleans debate and to properly launch the campaign according to their timetable on their plan. The strategy Andrew remember very clearly in the last election, the now prime minister Justin Trudeau, Riley criticizing, then Prime Minister Stephen Harper, for avoiding debates as well. There is a bit of irony. What’S a good. A big risk is if these debates go ahead, one of the Optics of an empty chair, and does this provide a real opportunity for Andrew Scheer to control that agenda in? Do you end up there with this debate for the next couple of days being? How did Andrew Scheer perform vs.? Jag me? We both have very sharp messages and opposite sides. It actually gives share a chance to look Prime ministerial, and I think that that’s an odd ground for the Liberals to seed to their key component. Are there key opponent, the conservative leader, it’s an interesting calculation they’ve made I’m not sure that it’s necessarily the right one in it may change very well that they decided, even if they skip the first one based on those who show up, or are you going to Have the empty chairs available at the same time, actually around the time of election call. Certainly, you have 3 days of a tuned in public, but you don’t get a job if you don’t show up for the interview and that’s exactly what this debate end up being in 2015. Justin, Trudeau would have said the same thing: the open, the transparent, the other candidates I would be. I would be delighted at the opportunity to debate an empty chair and to point out what the government has not done over the course of four years or how it’s not met its its commitment. And if I was advising free parties, I would advise them to go after that. Chair and not each other. But do you think Canadians, JP will absorb, will sit down and watch this jagmeet Singh Elizabeth May. That could bode well for him, because I know if they go ahead. Those debates will cover them that we will have coverage on this television network. I certainly would writing stories out of them. Will just ignore them. Cuz the Prime Minister hasn’t shown up, and I don’t think it’s really wise party to write them off because based on everything I’ve seen for Justin Trudeau when he’s underestimated, that’s when he does that, so if they really think he’s going to screw up in these debates, If he’s going to have a bunch of gas, if he’s going to save things that constantly it I mean clearly they’re going to be on the attack on his record, he’s also been able to grow into the role of prime minister in the House of Commons and He’S been able to bat away some of the more nasty Parts in shots at him in the Commons there is, he definitely done better than he started in the last couple months they’re. So I think he could definitely turn it on again. I don’t understand why they’re so scared, a national debate isn’t really what’s happening. We’Re not going to have a national campaign going to have two or three campaigns: Vancouver, Island and Lower Mainland were going to have a fight between you know in the 905 and they the GTA. Here politics are so interesting before today you are or those ones that are going to be seen to be more Regional. I think you lose a little of that message and that isn’t Ariel number as much as a literal drop right now concentrated in downtown Toronto. There are a lot of Swing seats in the GTA that people are going to be watching for in a. Where are the leaders on that, if they’re basically agreeing to one extra one besides a commissions, and that would be the one held by tape, throwing a bone and entyvio witch and nothing against the their own debates on the provincial side and they’re doing they want to Do their own debate again and so what Justin, Trudeau his and again picking up on my points that Andrew picked up regionally speaking there opening the door, the Liberals are opening the door to the TV, a debate because they know that if they’re not they’re they’re, not Part of that debate, then they they they they have a real risk of not being being able to hold their lead, so want to be president, come back then to do that you have to be on TV.. I just think. That’S fundamentally unfair, though, to do to debate standing or in French and then just leave it to 1 in English, more important to do more debates in French and we can just leave it in the message we’re going to do that. You know we’re going to do the commission’s debates and then then we’re going to do this one more debates of our choosing. So why not McLean’s? Why not? The other ones in the entire argument doesn’t make sense and it’s inconsistent with who he was in 2008 sense at all, and then I’m just saying strategically speaking English in English, any more the base of the app to do talk about snc-lavalin for an hour. That’S at the end of the day: it’s that’s the bottom line. The bottom line is the lease in English, Canada, the least amount of time, you’re you’re, being a from all sides on leadership on India, the India trip and on Ensign see lava died while in combat it’s a Battleground snc-lavalin is not a bigger as big a deal As the rest of the country, as we all know, English 1, French, those were organized by the newly-formed debates commission, but the Liberal Party confirm today, prime minister Justin, Trudeau, has declined invitations to two other debates, one hosted by the Munk debates, the other hosted by the Clients, so will those show still go on Rodger Griffiths is the organizer and moderator of the Munk debates. He joins us now from Toronto to see you thanks for doing that today that they won’t participate in your debate or the month debated simply confirms that. As of this moment, they are participating in the two. I sanctioned commission debates that their government has established and they are exploring further with TDI. Whether or not a second french-language debate can be organized, so we have roughly 13,000 people across can who signed up for a campaign calling for an election debate on foreign policy work going to keep that campaign going until we hear from the Prime Minister one way or Another today they have our invitation. They have tell September 23rd to reply we’re going to keep the pressure on if there ever was a time for a debate on foreign policy. This, surely is that moment you just had a segment on brexit we’ve got to Benson Hong Kong. We got Civil Wars and we have an unprecedented set of foreign policy. Challenges with the United States are bilateral relationship with our most important Ally and partner, and we know things with China and Russia are not easy for Canada either. So I think, there’s compelling reasons to have the beta very much hope that the Prime Minister comes around to accepting our invitation. He’S got a couple more weeks to reflect on this and we look forward to going forward with this debate in Toronto on Roy Thomson. Hall stage are on October 1st forever yours and because I’ll read the statement, it says, prime minister, Trudeau will take part in both debates organized by the commission. The commission, authentic and painting is also in conversations with Tavia is the only major K and network not included in the commission. We hope it encouraged to consider participating in the commission’s debates in the next election campaign team. Thank you will not specifically participate in your debate. 100 % – And I believe that McClain’s is in the same position and I think, on behalf of both organizations, we’re here simply to provide a public service. We think more debates, Kohl’s more democracy. We had five debates in the 2015 federal election. It kind of would be a shame if we went down from five only two to one in French and and one in English. I think that’s a step backwards in terms of the the Democrat process and providing Canadiens with valuable information during an election to make an informed choice on October 21st, 23rd of September, 8th against our strong interest, I mean we’re a charity where a foundation is doing this To the benefit of Canadians, so we certainly want the Prime Minister there. He represents over a third of Canadians voting intentions at this moment reserve. The right is the organizers of this debate, not funded by the federal government. Like the leaders debate, commission is to go ahead with this debate and have an empty chair on the stage at Roy Thomson. Hall, First Choice: the argument I mean Stephanie represent your organization, but there he would be Uno Attack by all song because he’s running on his record it. What does he have to gain by doing something outside of the one debate? What would you respond to that? To get out of these hermetically-sealed truth bubbles that they move around in the country during campaigns where they had these carefully-crafted photo-ops. They have can speeches there talking to Loyal supporters. They need to be pressure-tested, they need to be put on the stage they need to be able to show Canadians what their arguments are and how they handle them in a live event, free from their advisors, free from that the safety ropes that support them. For the majority of this election campaign, I try believe me. I think the 13,000 people who are supporting our campaign we’re adding 500 to a thousand new people a day believe more debates, equal, more democracy. I think politicians, including the Prime Minister, should be putting themselves in this election inter-service of Canadians into service of the democratic process and to do that they should be participating in more than two debates. Certainly more than two debates, only one in English and one in French really appreciate your time. That’S Richard Griffiths, the organizer in moderator of Munk debate. Thank you. Thanks for watching
Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau won’t attend two federal election debates that his main rivals had agreed to attend. Trudeau will take part in the two events put on by the new Leaders’ Debates Commission.
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