Trump administration reunites some, not all migrant families

outside of Social Services Center in New York today and a kind of chaos amid rushed efforts to reunite families forcibly separated at the US Mexico border here children taken their parents by the US government were part of a last-minute court-ordered push to be taken back to their parents by today but it’s unclear how many made it or where they ended up though there’s been evidence lately of cheerfully happy reunions critics underlined hold your applause it doesn’t excuse what the government did but we are going to be enormously please the children are in their parents are indeed under a directed by the Trump Administration earlier this year anyone caught Crossing into the US illegally even those fleeing Strife where to be federally prosecuted that meant cages in detention centers in Tech and children taken from their parents public outcry was fierce and the backlash led to a California judge ordering the government to reunite the families the government says it’s made great progress acknowledges it’s lost track of some parents and more than 400 other parents have already being deported without their children it’s unclear how or even if they’ll ever be reunited in Washington today children and other demonstrators March toward Capitol Hill to press the u.s. government to find a way to make sure all families are eventually reunited even as the trumpet desperation defended its position that US immigration policy must be hardened you do not get to come to America unlawfully let’s just make that clear this system is built on making application and waiting your turn indeed even the tearful reunions come with a caveat deportation hearings now await foremost and so the deadline has come and gone and they’re still kids custody so what now yeah we’re good question no one knows it’s kind of Uncharted Territory it is a court order so consequences are possible for example of government officials could be fined or imprisoned that said it’s much more likely that a judge would see good faith that the government has been trying to get this done on time and allow some leeway still the whole idea of the deadline was to get it done so they’re likely wouldn’t be too much why but you know what keep in mind this is a problem entirely of the US government’s own making and in that it’s also the government that’s now departed those 400-plus parents without their kids already your guess is as good as any things as I say how they all ever get reunited The Washington Post today wrote a particularly scathing editorial about all of it coming the whole episode a contentious cruel noxious humanitarian outrage so it’s that regardless of any penalty by the courts if any the Trump administration’s already paid a stiff price in the public eye for the proton this okay thanks Paul
The Trump administration has reunited some, but not all migrant families who were separated under its “zero tolerance” policy of border enforcement. The Justice Department says around 1,800 children have been reunited with their parents or released to relatives or other sponsors. However there are still hundreds of children in government custody.

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