Trump administration upset over Canada’s fighter jet procurement plan, says report

Trump administration upset over Canada’s fighter jet procurement plan, says report
Trump administration upset over Canada’s fighter jet procurement plan, says report
The competition to replace Canada’s aging Fleet of fighter jets is expected to take off this month or twice it’s incompatible with Canada’s obligations. As a member of the F-35 program, Brewster is here to explain Marie. Thank you very much for your time today. The plan to reply, Canada, cf-18 absolutely excruciating detail, but the focus of it. The most important part of the report R2 leaked letters that came from the Pentagon to public services in August and December of last year, which basically suggest that the way the system is set up right now, the Lockheed Martin Corporation, which owns and manufactures the F-35, might Not be able to bid, it all relates to the industrial. It’S policy that Canada has and a quick primer on that for you. Essentially, when Canada buys military hardware, it asks the companies that are doing the manufacturing to be able to provide industrial offsets to Canadian company. The F-35 program doesn’t work that way and has never work that way, and what is been important about these letters is that it sort of peels back the curtain on some of the major difficulties that public services and the liberal government has had in trying to get This tender off the right off the ground earlier this month that the the tender long awaited tender to put to get cannabis fighter jets into the system was supposed to be out by the end of May and letter could very well dumb things up, because things are Public Works is afraid of blowback from one of the manufacturers, Court challenges and all sorts of things, and have these letters out and Pub that could cause them to bring in the rains a little bit. So it could very well delay the release of the tender because I encountered has been trying to replace the fighter jets for the better part of a decade. Now, even if this thing stays on time, if we won’t see new fighter jets until the mid-2020s, so this could back everything up. Politics be more of our show by subscribing to the CBC News Channel or click the link for another video thanks for watching
The Trump administration complained to the Liberal government that the plan to replace Canada’s CF-18 fighter jets discriminates against the Lockheed-Martin-built F-35 stealth jet, according to a new academic report.
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