Trump Aims To Use Kavanaugh Fight To Bring Republicans To The Polls | TIME

Trump Aims To Use Kavanaugh Fight To Bring Republicans To The Polls | TIME
The entire nation has witnessed these Shameless conduct of the Democrat Party there willing to throw away every standard decency, Justice, fairness and due process to get their way. They don’t care how they get it. You see it happening before your eyes. I think it’s actually an incredible thing. That’S happening, and I just hope you don’t sit home because bad things will happen. If you said this week, America also saw something else. On Thursday, the American people saw the Bradenton really incredible character: Quality Inn which of our nominee for the United States Supreme Court, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, a vote to confirm, judge Kavanaugh’s a vote to confirm one of the most accomplished legal Minds of our time. A Juris with a sterling record of Public Service
With the midterms just 37 days away, President Donald Trump sought to boost Republican turnout with a return to the aggressive, theatrical rallies he held on the campaign trail in 2016.
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Trump Aims To Use Kavanaugh Fight To Bring Republicans To The Polls | TIME

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