Trump and the facts about the migrant caravan – BBC News

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Trump and the facts about the migrant caravan – BBC News
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Trump and the facts about the migrant caravan – BBC News
The Caravan were talking about, which is, I think, a man-made Caravan. I think some bad people started that Caravan, a percentage of those people are criminals. If you look around, it is mainly young men, the other ones. After all, who can most undertake an arduous Journey like this, but it is still striking just how many families are on this journey as well and you’re going to find Middle Eastern you going to find everything and guess what we’re not allowed to them in our country. No one that we’ve met has met anyone from the Middle East in this homeboy Caravans. They, like the Caravans, a lot of people say. I wonder, who started that Caravan. This is a huge, they don’t think about politics. A lot of people tell us they don’t even understand the political divide in the United States. What is driving then they tell us their scaping criminality back home and insecurity, or simply be able to provide for that family get paid a lot of money every year. We give a fire today and they did nothing for us nothing. Last week, Donald Trump, I put a great deal of pressure on Central American government, handle Mexico to stop these migraines at one point: call the Detroit closed its border into Mexico, but the security Personnel that was simply overrun by the thousands of people in this Convoy. Mexico to gate shut, but the force driving these people pull it then Macross, bypassing the authorities on raps in the river that divides Guatemala and Mexico. Now they are here. It appears that the Mexican authorities are looking at this Convoy in humanitarian turn at the moment. Trying to stop these migrant going forward to the United States, but that’s not to say that I couldn’t change with no pressure from the White House.
The recent caravan of Central American migrants has clearly been on the president’s radar. How true are his claims?
Aleem Maqbool reports.
Video by Angélica M Casas and Peter Murtaugh

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